Mac OS 8: Appearance Manager Information

I have an application that says it uses an Appearance Manager for computers using system software older than Mac OS 8. What is Appearance Manager, and where do I get it?
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The Appearance Manager, introduced with Mac OS 8, modifies the appearance of the original Finder to include options for changing menu fonts, window-shading (collapsable window title bars), and other appearance-centric features. The Appearance Manager is now considered an integral part of the Mac OS, and is installed as part of an "Easy Install" process.

Shortly after the release of Mac OS 8, Apple introduced a version of the Appearance Manager, version 1.0.2, to developers as part of an Appearance Manager software development kit (SDK). Although version 1.0.2 is qualified for use under System 7.1 and later, it is a developer release and consequently is not directly supported by Apple. Apple developers can bundle and install the Appearance Manager using the SDK referenced above. However, it is up to the developer to support the Appearance Manager when bundled with their application.

Therefore the Appearance Manager is available when installed as part of any Mac OS 8.x system, or when installed by an application written to use the Appearance Manager with System Software 7.1 or later.

Developers interested in incorporating the advanced look and feel of the Appearance Manager in their applications, can find more information at Apple's online developer area at:

The Appearance Manager is covered in detail in the Mac OS 8 technotes, as well as the Appearance Manager SDK.

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For the most current information on what SDKs Apple offers, point your web browser to:
Published Date: Feb 18, 2012