eMate: Power On Procedure After Extended Storage

We just pulled our eMate computers out of storage. What is the best method for using an eMate for the first time after its been in storage?
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
After an eMate has been in long term storage, it may not have a sufficient battery charge to power on without using a power adapter. The following steps should be used before powering on the eMate after long term storage:

    1. Remove inserted PC cards and disconnect serial devices.

    2. Connect the eMate to a Newton AC Power Adapter. A Newton 9-watt AC Power Adapter is recommended.

    3. Plug the Newton AC Power Adapter into a wall power outlet or power strip.

    4. Allow the eMate to charge.

    5. If the eMate displays an error message that says the battery is not accepting a charge, perform a short or soft reset and repeat steps 2-4. (This step may need to be repeated as many as 5 times.)

    6. Let the eMate charge for approximately one to two hours.

After a reset, the eMate may take a minimum of 30 seconds and up to two minutes to power on. Adjust the screen contrast slider (left slider) for proper contrast.

The following information appears in the eMate 300 User's Manual on page 414 in Appendix C: Using the Battery.

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Recharge the battery by plugging the eMate into the power adapter, then plugging the adapter into an electrical outlet or power strip.

Note: Don't worry about overcharging the battery; the eMate is designed so this can't happen.

The charging status light on the eMate shows the status of battery charging.

* Green - the battery is fully charged.

* Amber - the battery is being charged.

* No color/off - the battery is not being charged from the power adapter (the power adapter is not plugged into the eMate).

Note: Whenever the eMate is not plugged into the power adapter, the charging status light is off. You can't use the light to determine whether the battery is low. To check the battery status, see "Determining the Battery Level" on page 414.

It takes approximately one to two hours to recharge the eMate battery. This time depends on:

* How much charge the battery contains when you recharge it. A battery that's fully discharged takes longer to fully recharge than one that's partially charged.

* What the eMate is being used for while it's being charged. If you're using the eMate while you're recharging it, you're using some of the power that's going into the battery. Therefore, it takes longer to charge an eMate that's in use than one that is idle. If for some reason, you think you need to replace the battery, contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

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Newton OS System Update 737246 updated eMate charging characteristics. For more information, please see the following Tech Info Library article:

Article 24524: "eMate 300 Update 2.1 (737246)"

It is recommended not to leave PC cards inserted or serial devices connected to the eMate overnight or when left in storage. Some PC cards draw power when not in use, and may cause difficulty when powering on the unit.

During extended or longterm storage, the eMate battery may be removed to prevent charge loss.

Published Date: Feb 18, 2012