eMate 300: Read Me

This article contains the Read Me document for the eMate 300.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Apple eMate 300 ReadMe

As a result of Apple's extensive testing of this product, we've developed this guide of helpful hints and troubleshooting tips for using your eMate 300.

Using the eMate

Resetting the eMate

* If you reset your eMate and the keyboard doesn't work, the eMate probably restarted before the keyboard driver was enabled. Try closing and opening the lid to activate the keyboard.


* When printing to a LaserWriter, we recommend using the Cent. Schoolbook font (12 or 14 point), 1-inch margins, and centered- or left-justification. The LaserWriter uses substitute fonts, which may cause right- or full-justified text to be skewed when printed.

* You can't print a name card that contains a caret before a number (ex: ^2). To be able to print, you'll need to insert a space after the caret.

* When a Newton Works drawing is previewed, prior to printing, any text in the drawing may look slightly different than when the document is printed or viewed full-size. The full-size view is an accurate representation of what the text will look like when printed.

* Overlapping stamps in a Newton Works drawing may obscure each other when printed on a PostScript printer. Try printing the drawing on a non-PostScript printer, such as the Apple StyleWriter or HP DeskWriter.

Using Applications


* If you use the Assist feature to initiate a call via "Telephone," make sure you check the "Log" option.


* Certain settings in fax annotation can cause an error message to appear when you add a new name to a call slip. See Faxing in the Communications section of this document.


* If you erase all data from your eMate, please remember to adjust the clock to the current time.

Dates or Date Book

* The "Always store new tasks internally" prefs is not saved the first time you change it after closing Dates. You will need to reopen the Date Book and check or uncheck it a second time in order for the change to be saved.

* To delete all occurrences of a recurring meeting, open the meeting slip, tap the Routing button, then tap Delete. This gives you the option of deleting one or all occurrences of that meeting.

* Certain settings in fax annotation can cause an error message to appear when you add a new invitee or location to a meeting slip. See Faxing in the Communications section of this document.

* Repeating To Do tasks create separate items for each occurence. If an individual To Do item is left unchecked, it rolls over to the next day, and you may have multiple copies of the same To Do item appearing on the same day. To avoid this, check off completed To Do tasks or delete these "extra" copies.

* When duplicating To Do tasks that have alarms set for the current date, you should reset the alarm to "None" before you duplicate the item. If necessary, reset the alarm to the current day after the To do task is duplicated.

* When To Do tasks are beamed or mailed, the alarm and freuqency information is not sent to the receiving Newton device. The user of the receiving Newton device will need to set the alarm and frequency in the To Do task.

Newton Works Word Processor

* When you use the QuickSketch tool to insert a drawing into the Notepad, the drawing becomes a single PICT file that can't be edited.

* If too many graphs are pasted into a document, you will see an error message saying the internal memory is full. Newton Works word processor documents can handled up to 60K of graphs or drawings. To work with many graphs, split the document into several separate documents.

Newton Works Drawing Program

* For best results, do not rotate drawings you created using the Freehand tool. This may distort the drawing.

Newton Works Graphing Calculator

* When printing a calculation containing floating or fixed/0 number formats, single digits or characters are not printed on a StyleWriter II printer. Set the number format to fixed/6 digits and try printing again.

* An error message may appear when you graph multiple, complex equations. This may be because the eMate is low on memory. Delete or move some of the items stored internally to a storage card.

* If the number format is set to fixed/0, and table values are displayed in floating number format, set the number format to fixed/6 digits or another format.

* If you can't use the graphing calculator to create new calculations, you may have inadvertently deleted the Calculation stationery. Reinstall the Calculations stationery using eMate Classroom Exchange or Newton Connection Utilities. The connection software and Calculation stationery is on the eMate Connectivity CD that came with your eMate. The package you'll need to install to use the stationery is called "Works Calculations.pkg."

Notes or Notepad

* Overlapping text with ink text, shapes or sketches may cause a problem with printing or faxing a multiple page document.


* If you enter "Portland, OR" as your city in the Setup application, the eMate will record your "Closest City" as "Portland, ME." To correct this, tap Extras, then tap Owner Info. Tap your Home worksite, tap the word "Home," and reset the Closest City option. Repeat this for the "Work" worksite also. Then verify that the clock setting is correct.

Teacher Setup

* When adding new users, please use unique user names. If a new user name is the same as the name of an existing user, the existing user's data disappears. If you change the new user's name to something else, the data for the existing user will reappear.



* You cannot beam an owner card to a Newton device that has the "receive beams automatically" preference enabled. Make sure this preference is not selected on the receiving Newton device, then beam the card again.


* If a telephone prefix is not appropriate for a location, tap the Assist button. In the slip that appears, make the necessary corrections, then tap X to close the slip. If this problem happens again, make sure your worksite card in "Owner Info" contains the correct city, country, and dialing prefix information.

* For best results when speaker dialing, try holding the telephone handset at least 1 inch or more from the eMate's speaker.

Docking or connecting

* If your connection to a desktop computer is interrupted, your eMate may take a few several seconds to detect this. You may then re-establish a connection.


* When including shapes or sketches in a fax note, make sure you set the recognition back to Text or Ink Text before you close the Notes slip. Otherwise, an error message may appear when you add new names in other applications.

* If you need to fax a card to several addresses, send it to each address individually. You cannot fax a card from the Name File to multiple fax addresses.

* For best results, print faxes to non-PostScript printers (i.e. a StyleWriter or HP DeskWriter). Printing received faxes to a laser printer can take a very long time.

* Do not use carets (^) in your document titles. This may cause faxing problems.


* When printing Newton Works papers that use the Casual font, you might get a wider right margin than anticipated. Adjust the right margin to compensate, or use another font.

* When printing to StyleWriter printers, use a serial connection. Printing to StyleWriter printers over AppleTalk is not supported.

* Do not use a caret (^) in document titles. This may cause printing difficulties.

Using electronic mail or e-mail

* Certain settings in fax annotation can cause an error message to appear when you add a new name to a mail slip. See Faxing in the Communications section of this document.

Using the In Box

* If your storage space is limited or you have a large number of items in the internal memory of your eMate, you may notice that the items in the In Box are not displayed. These items will reappear after closing and reopening the InOut Box. (If the problem persists, you may have to back up your data and reset your eMate.)

Cards and Accessories

AC adapter

* If you use the "Don't sleep when plugged in" option, your eMate may wake up for brief periods when an AC adapter is plugged in.

Battery pack

* When a battery pack or storage card is inserted into your eMate, a slight static discharge may cause your eMate to restart. This is not dangerous or harmful to the eMate. If this occurs, your eMate will return to the previous state.

PC Cards

* Your eMate will wake up when you remove a PC card.

* If you're using a Megahertz XJ1144 modem card, it can freeze your eMate after you reset or restore information. If your eMate freezes, remove the modem card and reset your eMate. You can then reinsert the modem after your eMate has restarted.

* If you use a TDK DF2814 modem card, use the "TDK Selector" icon in the Setup folder of the Extras Drawer to set the appropriate country telecom settings. The first time you use the modem, a slip appears for you to set a permanent default country. Once you set the default country, subsequent country changes made in "TDK Selector" will only be in effect until the modem card is removed.

Newton Internet Enabler 1.1

* If you are using an eMate with a PC modem card and experience a reset during the PPP negotiation of the log in process, contact your ISP. There is probably a problem with the ISP's connection port.

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Published Date: Feb 18, 2012