AppleDesign Powered Speakers: Adding a Subwoofer

Certain versions of the AppleDesign Powered Speakers have a jack on them for connecting a subwoofer. What are the requirements for connecting a subwoofer?
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
The subwoofer output on the AppleDesign Powered Speakers can reach levels of up to 2 Volts peak-to-peak. The subwoofer must handle an input signal that can reach this 2 Volt peak-to-peak level, or the subwoofer needs to have a input volume control.

Apple Computer does not recommend connecting a subwoofer that cannot handle the output levels from the subwoofer jack on the AppleDesign Powered Speakers. Check the manual that comes with the third-party subwoofer, or contact the manufacturer to see if the subwoofer can accept these levels.

If the Subwoofer has an input volume control you may be able to turn down the input signal that the subwoofer is receiving from the AppleDesign Powered Speakers. If this is attempted, start with the volume on the AppleDesign Powered Speakers turned all the way down and the input volume control on the subwoofer also turned all the way down. Slowly adjust the volume controls to a usable level. You may need to keep the subwoofer input volume control turned down while increasing the volume on the AppleDesign Powered Speakers.

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Published Date: Feb 18, 2012