Newton OS 2.x: Supported Printers

What printers are supported on Apple MessagePad and eMate 300 devices using Newton OS 2.x?
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Supported Devices:
Printer Models
Stylewriter (I&II)
Stylewriter (original)
Stylewriter II
Pers. LW 300
PerPersonal Laserwriter 300sonal Laserwriter LS
Stylewriter 1200
Stylewriter 1200
Stylewriter 2400
Stylewriter 2400
HP DeskJet 340 (IrDA) option
(IrDA) option
DeskJet 340
HP LaserJet 5MP/6MP
HP LaserJet 5MP (IrDA) option
HP LaserJet 5MP/6MP
DeskWriter series printers via serial (using "HP DeskWriter" driver)
Network Printer
Any postscript based Appletalk
LaserWriter printer.
LaserWriter (original)
LaserWriter Plus
Personal LaserWriter NT
Personal LaserWriter NTR
Personal LaserWriter 320
LaserWriter IINT
LaserWriter IINTX
LaserWriter IIf
LaserWriter IIg
LaserWriter 4/600 PS
LaserWriter Select 360
LaserWriter Pro 600
LaserWriter Pro 630
LaserWriter Pro 810
LaserWriter 16/600 PS
Color LaserWriter 12/600 PS

Unsupported or Untested:
The following printers are not supported.
Printer Model
Non-PostScript network printers including:
Imagewriter II W/ AppleTalk Mod
Imagewriter LQ W/ AppleTalk Mod
Apple Color Printer
StyleWriters W/ LocalTalk Mod
Personal Laserwriter LS
Personal Laserwriter 300
Laserwriter Select 300
No ImageWriter AppleTalk or Printshare/Grayshare/ColorShare printer driver.
LaserWriter Select 300This printer was not supported under Newton OS 1.0. Support for the printer was not added under Newton OS 2.x.
StyleWriter (original) and
StyleWriter II using StyleWriter 1200 driver
StyleWriter 1200 in Mac OS supports the StyleWriter and StyleWriter II. Should work, but it is untested.
StyleWriter 2200 using StyleWriter 2400 driver (or vice versa)StyleWriter 2200 and 2400 drivers in the Mac OS are the same. Should work, but it is untested.
ImageWriter I
ImageWriter II
Imagewriter LQ
LaserWriter Select 310
Color StyleWriter Pro
Portable StyleWriter
No driver.
LaserWriter IISC
Personal LaserWriter SC
Apple Color Printer
No SCSI port.
LaserWriter Pro 810 Fax Card
LaserWriter 16/600 PS Fax Card
LaserWriter Select 360 Fax Card
The Newton OS drivers do not support fax card options on these printers.
Non-Apple, networkable laser printersMay work with the Apple MessagePad, however these have not been tested by Apple Computer.

Additional Notes
Macintosh-compatible non-Apple printers that require a serial connection, or are not laser printers (such as the Hewlett-Packard DeskWriter) are not supported on Newton OS 2.0 devices.

With the purchase of the Newton Print Pack, hundreds of other printers are available. A list of printers that the Newton Print Pack supports is available in the article "Newton Print Pack: Compatible Printers".

Newton Print Pack: Compatible Printers (A-L)
Newton Print Pack: Compatible Printers (M-X)

AppleTalk (LocalTalk or EtherTalk) printing to Hewlett Packard LaserJet or other non-Apple network printers has not been tested and is not supported.

Additional information on IrDA printing is available in the article "Newton: IrDA Printing Enhancement Package Dersription".
Published Date: Feb 18, 2012