Apple Software: System 7.1 Compatibility

The following information is correct as of March 31, 1995. There will be NO further updates to this article. System 7.5 is currently the standard operating system for all Macintosh computer systems. Hence, all testing of any new Apple software updates will be done with System 7.5, the current desktop standard, not with System 7.1.

A separate article will be maintained and updated regularly with information pertaining to compatibility of all shipping Apple software products and System 7.5. See the article titled "Apple Software: Current Versions" for more information.

The table below lists "current" Apple software products (both Apple II and Macintosh) and provides for each:

* Version The "current" version number as of 3/95.
* 7.1? Whether the product is compatible with System 7.1.
* Notes Additional information on the product

If it is not 32-bit clean, it will be noted in the notes section.

Additional articles in the Tech Info Library describe many of the products listed below. This article does not cover any announced Apple products which are not currently shipping.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Product               Version    7.1?  Notes
--------------------- --------  ----- ----------------------------
32-Bit System Enabler   1.0.3    ONLY  For Mac II, IIx, IIcx, SE/30
3270 API Developer's Kit  2.0    N/A   APDA
8*24 GC (Extension)     7.0.1    YES
950 Color Addition        1.0    ----  Only for Quadra 950 running 7.0.1,
                                      fix is included in SSW 7.1.
A/UX                    3.0.1    N/A   Incompatible with Centris 610, 650.
                                      With optional FPU installed in
                                      Centris 650, it is compatible.
A/UX                      3.1    N/A   Only supports the AWS 95.
A/ROSE                  1.2.1    YES   On NSI 1.4.4
ADSP                    1.5.1          Not required, built-in part of
                                      SSW 7.0 & higher
Apple Backup              1.1    7.1P  Part of Performa OS only
Apple Color Printer       1.0    YES   Printer System Extension
Apple DocViewer         1.1.1    YES   Apple Extras folder of Power Macs

Apple Event Manager     1.0.3    YES   Part of AppleScript 1.1
Apple File Exchange       7.0    YES   Part of SSW 7.1
Apple Font Pack           1.0    YES   See separate article in Tech Info
                                      Library for contents
Apple Access II         1.3.1    N/A   For Apple II
Apple II System           3.2    N/A   For Apple II systems
Apple IIGS System       6.0.1    N/A   For Apple IIGS only.
Apple IIe Card Software 2.2.1    YES
Apple Guide               1.2     NO   System 7.5 only
Apple Internet Router   3.0.1    YES   3.0.1 is a patch to 3.0
Apple Media Tool        1.0.1    YES   Ships with QT 1.6.1
Apple Modem Tool        1.5.3    YES
Apple Personal Diag     1.1.1    YES
Apple Phone             1.0.1    YES   Application bundled with AV
Apple Photo Access        2.0    YES   System Ext. comes w/ CD-ROM SW
Apple Restore             1.1    7.1P  Performa OS only, restores Apple
                                      Backup items
AppleScript               1.1    YES   Available from APDA or reseller

AppleSearch Client        1.0    YES   Part of AppleSearch package
AppleSearch Server        1.1    YES   1.1 patch for Power Macintosh
AppleShare File Server  3.0.3    YES   For any Macintosh, patch
AppleShare Print Server 3.0.2    YES   For any Macintosh, patchU
AppleShare File Server  4.0.1    YES   For most 68040 based Macintosh
AppleShare File Server  4.0.2    YES   Version for Power Macintosh
AppleShare Print Server 4.0.1    YES   For most 68040 based Macintosh
AppleShare Print Server 4.0.2    YES   Version for Power Macintosh
AppleShare Pro (File Svr) 1.1    N/A   Apple Workgroup Server 95 only
AppleShare Pro (print)    1.1    N/A   Apple Workgroup Server 95 only
Apple Shared Library Mgr  1.1    YES   1.0 ships with SSW 7.1.2. Used to
                                      make system more efficient For
AppleTalk            v.58.1.4    N/A   Use Network SW Installer 1.4.5

AppleTalk ImageWriter   7.0.1    YES
Apple Remote Access     2.0.1    YES   Separate Client, Personal Server &
                                      Multiport Server versions.
AppleTalk-DECnet Tool     1.1    YES
AppleTalk-LAT Gateway     1.0    YES
AppleTalk-LAT Tool        1.0    YES
Aristotle                 xxx    N/A   For Apple II
Assistant Tidbit 1        1.0    YES   Part of PowerBook File Assistant 1.0
Assistant Tidbit 2        1.0    YES   Part of PowerBook File Assistant 1.0
Assistant Toolbox         1.0    YES   Part of PowerBook File Assistant 1.0
At Ease                   2.0.3  YES
At Ease for Workgroups    2.0.3  YES
AudioVision (extension)   1.0    YES   Extension for AudioVision 14 Monitor
AutoRemounter             1.2    YES   PowerBook control panel
AV Serial Extension       1.0    YES
AW Server 95              1.1    N/A   Part of AWS 95 Update 1.1
AWS 95 Tune-Up            1.0    N/A   System update disks (2) for the
                                      Apple Workgroup Server 95
Basic Color Monitor       1.0    YES   Eliminates overly green color on

                                      monitors attached to Macintosh
                                      Centris and Quadra models. Not
                                      required if HSU 2.0.1 is installed.
Basic Connectivity Set  1.1.1    YES
Battery DA              7.1.1    YES
Battery Recondition       1.0
CD-ROM Setup            5.0.1    YES
Chinese Language Kit      1.0    YES   Includes WorldScript II 7.1.2
Chooser                   7.3    YES   For Jan 93 Printers Only
CloseView                 7.1    YES   SSW 7.1, Fixes problems in 7.0 with
                                      Virtual Memory
ColorSync               1.0.5    YES   Color Imaging System Extension
Compatibility Checker   7.1.1    YES   SSW 7.1
CPU Energy Saver        1.0.1    YES
Curare                    1.0    YES   APDA Product
DAL Software              N/A          Contact ITI at 510-438-2095
DART                    1.5.3    YES
Disk Copy                 4.2    YES   7.1 MUK
Disk First Aid          7.2.2    YES   Part of Software Utility Update 2.0.1

Display Enabler           1.2    YES   Part of Apple Multiple Scan Display
                                      SW 1.0DOS
DocViewer                1.1.1   YES
Compatibility Software     1.0   YES   Quadra 610 DOS Compatible
Duo Battery Patch          1.0   YES   For Duo 210, 230, 250
Easy Access Ctrl Panel     7.2   YES
Energy Saver               1.0   YES   Control panel
EtherTalk                2.5.6   YES   Use Network SW Installer 1.4.4
Express Modem**          1.5.5   YES   Control panel for Express Modem,
Express Modem Tool**     1.5.3   YES   CTB Extension for Express Modem,
Express Modem 14400**     1.0    N/A   AppleTalk Remote Access CCL file
Extension Manager         3.0    YES
Fax Extension**         1.5.2    YES   PB Modem, Express Modem, GeoPort
Fax Sender**            1.5.2    YES   PB Modem, Express Modem, GeoPort
Fax Terminal**          1.5.2    YES   PB Modem, Express Modem, GeoPort
Fax Viewer**            1.5.2    YES   PB Modem, Express Modem, GeoPort

Fax Cover**             1.5.2    YES   PB Modem, Express Modem, GeoPort
Font/DA Mover             4.1          Not required, built into System 7.x
GeoPort Extension         1.2    YES   For Quadra and Power Macintosh
GeoPort for Power Mac   1.0.2          Diskette containing GeoPort Software
Hardware System Update  2.0.1    YES   Obsolete-should use System Update v 3.0
HD SC Setup             7.3.1    YES
HyperCard                 2.2    YES   APDA, reseller
HyperCard IIGS            1.1    N/A
HyperCard Player          2.2    YES   Bundled with Power Macintosh
HyperMover                1.1    N/A   HyperCard IIGS
HyperScan                 2.0    YES   OneScanner
ImageWriter             7.0.1    YES
ImageWriter GX          1.0.1     NO   Part of QuickDraw GX
ImageWriter LQ GX       1.0.1     NO   Part of QuickDraw GX
Installer               3.4.3    YES
Inter*Poll              1.0.1    YES
ISDN                      1.0    YES   APDA
Japanese Language Kit     1.1    YES   (Includes WorldScript II 7.1.1)

LaserWriter             8.1.1    YES   For LaserWriter Pro family
LaserWriter GX          1.0.1     NO   Part of QuickDraw GX
LaserWriter IISC GX     1.0.1     NO   Part of QuickDraw GX
LaserWriter Pro Energy Star Software   Postscript document
LaserWriter Pro Windows   1.0    N/A
LaserWriter Utility     7.6.1    YES   LaserWriter Pro family support
LAT                       1.1    YES   APDA
LaserWriter Select 300    1.2    YES   Shipped with LaserWriter Select 300
LaserWriter 300 GX      1.0.1     NO   Part of QuickDraw GX
LaserWriter Select 310  1.0.1    YES   Shipped with LaserWriter Select 310
LaserWriter Select 360    1.1    YES   Shipped with LaserWriter Select 360
LaserWriter Select 360 Fax 1.1   YES   Shipped with LaserWriter Select 360
Likewise                1.0.1    YES   Discontinued 12/93
LW Select 310 for Windows 1.0    N/A
MacApp                  3.0.1    YES   APDA
MacCheck                1.0.5    YES   Part of Software Util. Update 2.0.1
Macintosh Basics          5.0    YES   Tour, bundled with Macintosh

Macintosh Common Lisp   2.0.1    YES   APDA
Macintosh Easy Open     1.1.1    YES   Shipped with System 7.5
Macintosh Networking
Basics                  1.0     YES   "Tour" disk
Macintosh PC Exchange   2.0.1    YES   See separate TIL article
Macintosh Quadra Extra    1.0    YES   Quadra 950 only rolled in SSW 7.1
Macintosh TV Setup      1.0.1    YES   Control Panel for Macintosh TV model
Macintosh Visca Driver    1.2    YES   ADPA
MacODA                    1.0    YES
MacOSI Transport          1.0    YES
MacsBug                 6.2.2    YES   APDA, not compat. w/Centris/Quadra
                                      610 models without FPU.
MacSNMP Admin           1.0.2    YES
MacSNMP Client          1.0.2    YES
MacTCP                  2.0.4    YES
MacTCP Admin            2.0.4    YES
MacTCP Developer's Kit    N/A    N/A   APDA Product
MacTCP Token Ring Ext.  2.0.2    YES   System extension
MacTerminal               3.0    YES
MacX                      1.2    YES
MacX.400                  1.0    YES
MacX25                    1.2    YES   Patch from v1.1

Monitor Energy Saver      1.0    YES   Control Panel
Mouse Basics              4.5    YES   "Tour" disk
MPW                       3.3    YES   APDA
MPW 411                   N/A    YES   APDA
MPW C++                   3.2    YES   APDA
NetTrax                   1.2    YES   APDA
Network Launch Fix      1.0.2    YES   See separate TIL arcicle
Network Software
Installer              1.4.5    YES   See separate TIL article
Newton Connection         2.0    YES   For Macintosh
Newton System Update    1.0.5    N/A   For Newton MessagePad 100
Ofoto                   2.0.1    YES   Color OneScanner Support
OfotoColor                1.0    YES   System Extension
PC Exchange             2.0.2    YES
Personal LaserWriter 300  1.2    YES   Printer Extension
Personal LaserWriter 320 1.0.1   YES   Printer Extension
Personal LaserWriter NTR  2.0    YES   Printer Extension
PhotoFlash                1.0    YES
PhotoFlash Browser        1.0    YES   Bundled with PhotoFlash
PlainTalk                 1.3    YES   Bundled with AV/Power Macs in USA,

                                      Purchase separately outside USA.
PDD Maker GX            1.0.1     NO   Part of QuickDraw GX
PowerBook Control Panel 7.3.1    YES   Comes with System Update v 3.0
PowerBook/DOS Companion                See separate TIL article
PowerBook Display         1.1    YES   Control panel for PowerBook
                                      Video output control.
PowerBook File Assistant  1.1    YES
PowerBook Setup Ctl Pnl 7.3.1    YES
PowerCD Setup           1.0.1    YES
PowerShare                1.0    YES
Collaboration Server
PowerTalk                 1.0    YES   Part of System 7 Pro (v7.1.1)
PowerTalk for PowerPC   1.0.2    YES   Requires System 7 Pro Kit
Portable StyleWriter    1.0.1    YES
PrinterShare              1.1    YES   System extension, part of GrayShare
Quadra 950 Color Addition 1.0    YES   For Quadra 950 only
QuickDraw GX            1.0.1     NO   Requires System 7.5.
QuickTake                 1.0    YES
QuickTake                 1.1    YES   Power Macintosh compatible

QuickTime                 2.0    YES
QuickTime for Windows SDK 1.1    N/A   Apple SW Licensing
QuickTime Starter Kit     1.0    YES
Rename Rescue             1.0    YES   Apple's UNLOCKFOLDER
ResEdit                 2.1.3    YES   APDA
Responder               1.1.1          Not required, built into System 7.x
SADE                    1.3.2    YES   APDA
Scanner                   3.0    YES   Color OneScanner Support
Screen                  1.0.4    YES   Comes with System Update v 3.0
Script Editor             1.0    YES   AppleScript Developer's Kit
Scriptable Text Editor    1.0    YES   AppleScript Developer's Kit
Serial Switch             1.1    YES   For Macintosh IIfx only
Serial Tool             1.0.2    YES   Basic Connectivity Set 1.1.1
SimpleText                1.1    YES   System Update Disk v 3.0
SNA*ps APPC Developer's   N/A    N/A   APDA Kit
SNA*ps                    N/A          Contact Wall Data at 800-927-8622
Sound Control Panel     8.0.1    YES
Sound Effects             1.0    YES   System Ext bundled w/ AV Macintosh

Sound Manager             3.0    YES   Part of HSU 2.0.1
Speech Manager          1.1.1    YES   System Ext bundled with AV Macintosh
StyleWriter GX          1.0.1     NO   Part of QuickDraw GX
StyleWriter II            1.2    YES   Printer Extension
System 7.1                7.1    N/A
System 7.1.1 Pro        7.1.1    N/A   Includes PowerTalk, AScript 1.1
System 7.1.2            7.1.2    N/A
System 7.5                7.5    N/A   Current base release
System 7 Tune-Up        1.1.1    YES   Built into System 7.1 & higher.
System Enablers - Please see separate Tech Info Library article:
                                      "System Enablers: Current Versions"
System Picker             1.0    YES   NOT APPLE SOFTWARE use at own risk
System Update             3.0    YES   Update for all Macintosh Computers
TeachText                 7.2    YES   New version for AV Computers & Text
                                      to Speech

Telephone Manager       1.1.1    YES   APDA/System 7.5
Thread Manager          2.0.1    YES   Comes with PowerTalk/System 7.5
Token Ring              1.0.1    YES   Control Panel, Use NSI 1.4.4
TokenTalk               2.5.6    YES   Use Network SW installer 1.4.4
TV Setup Cntl Panel     1.0.1    YES   System Update Disk v 3.0
Video (control panel)     1.0    YES   Cntl pnl for AudioVision 14 Monitor
Video Monitor           1.0.1    YES   Bundled with AVs and Power Macs
VideoSync                 1.0    YES   APDA
Virtual Monitor Switch    1.0    YES
Virtual User            2.0.1    YES   APDA
WorldScript II          7.1.2    YES
Xmodem Tool               1.1    YES   Basic Connectivity Set 1.1.1

* System Enablers provide machine specific support for new Macintosh Computers introduced beginning in October 1992. System 7.5 introduced a universal enabler which eliminates the need for a machine specific enabler.

**All of these Express Modem files are part of the Express Modem 1.5
release of March, 1994.

For the most current information on what SDKs Apple offers, point your web browser to:
Published Date: Feb 19, 2012