Apple Mobile Messaging System: Description (7/95)

This article provides an overview of the Apple Mobile Message System.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

The Apple Mobile Message System is an easy-to-use wireless messaging system that lets users of Apple PowerBook computers, Apple MessagePad units, and DOS Windows-compatible notebook computers manage, while mobile, the following types of communications:

* Telephone
* Fax
* Paging
* e-mail

This all-in-one-box solution helps mobile computing professionals stay in touch and informed by providing all of the necessary hardware, software and service components in one package.

The contents of the Apple Mobile Message System include:

*╩The Apple Notification Service, a "one-stop" activation, billing, and support program

*╩A PageCard wireless message Type II PCMCIA card receiver with LCD screen from Socket Communications

*╩Update! receive software and Notify! send software from Ex Machina

*╩DateBook and TouchBase Pro Bundle software from Adobe Systems

* Message transmission via the PageNet nationwide wireless network

* Wireless gateway services by the National Dispatch Center (NDC)

How It Works

Users of the Mobile Message System receive a PageCard dual-mode display pager from Socket Communications that lets them:

Multiple Sources
Receive and view wireless messages from multiple sources including the Internet

Use when Inserted in PowerBook
Receive, view, store, and transfer messages when the PageCard is inserted in their 500-series PowerBook, where they can:
* View and respond to messages on larger display
* Have their mail automatically uploaded to their PowerTalk universal mailbox
* Receive automatic calendar updates to Aldus DateBook via AppleScript
* Send pages via PowerTalk AppleMail and a modem

Use Integrated Send/Receive Application
Receive, view, and send messages with their Apple MessagePad (with a modem) using integrated send/receive application from Ex Machina

Use IBM PC or Compatible
Receive, view, and send messages on an IBM PC or compatible notebook computer (with a PCMCIA slot and a modem) running Windows using integrated send/receive application from Ex Machina

Notification Services

To take advantage of the capabilities of the Apple Mobile Message System, users must sign up with a vendor that routes transmissions to them. Apple is offering its own low-cost service (as part of the Mobile Message System), the Apple Notification Service. The service is available for a basic monthly fee of $19.95.

Information about how to subscribe to the Apple Notification Service can be found in two places: in the Apple Notifications Service guide and in the Activation flyer, both of which are included in the package.

As part of the basic Apple Notification service, customers receive a personal 800 number through which they can receive:

*╩Numeric messages
* Alphanumeric (full text) messages
* Voice mail messages
* Fax documents

The Notification Service routes the numeric and alphanumeric messages directly to customers' PageCards and notifies them that they have received voice mail messages and fax documents.

As part of the basic Apple Notification Service, customers receive the following:

Message Notification
*╩ Nationwide roaming coverage
* Personal 800 number message center
*╩ No separate PIN number needed
*╩ Toll-free fax and voice mailboxes, 30 minutes of use
* 60 messages with 80 alphanumeric characters
*╩ Internet, page send s/w or phone keypad access
* Appoint/calendar updates for DateBook
*╩ Optional operator or on-line access

Internet Notification
*╩ Address is your personal 800 number�?e.g. 18008772961@NOTIFICATION.COM
*╩ Message includes sender, subject and text up to 500 characters

QuickMail Notification
*╩ Optional gateway software from Ex Machina: QM-Notify!
*╩ Allows other QuickMail users to send wireless messages to your pager, PageCard
*╩ Receive mail headers and/or body text of message

Users who purchase the Apple Notification Service also have the opportunity to subscribe to the following optional notification services for an additional fee:

Call Notification
All the features of Message Notification, plus
*╩ Live call routing to any desk or cell phone
* Page notification of live call
* Optional outbound calling

Securities Notification (available April 1995)
*╩ Personally selected securities (stocks, bonds, and options) quotes
*╩ Current quotes based on chosen parameters (e.g., price delta, time, volume, high, low, close)
* Breaking news on selected companies
*╩Updates to portfolio applications are possible

News Notification (available April 1995)
*╩Five news categories: headline, business, weather, sports, entertainment
* Optional routing, via AppleScript to news folders on the PowerBook

Bundled Items
Included in the Mobile Message System are the following items:

Physical Device
* Socket PCMCIA T2 Display PageCard
* Small carrying case for card

System Software
*╩System 7.5 with PowerTalk
*╩Send/Receive gateways for PowerTalk from Ex Machina
* Send/Receive software for Newton and Windows from Ex Machina
* Other gateways (CompuServe, FaxSTF, QuickMail, Internet)

Application Software
* PowerBook: Aldus/Adobe DateBook/TouchBase

* Apple Notification Service
*╩Personal 800 number
*╩Toll free fax mail box
* Receive short messages from the Internet
*╩Optional nationwide roaming
* Calendar updates to DateBook

Other items in the bundle
* One Apple integrated manual to cover PageCard, software for three platforms
* System 7.5 Upgrade Guide, Apple Guide Help
* Apple Notification activation flyer, Services manual, Quick Reference Card
* Apple Notification Service manual

System Requirements

To use the Apple Mobile Message System, users will need one or more of the

* An Apple PowerBook 500 series computer with at least 8MB of RAM and an Apple PowerBook PCMCIA Expansion Module

*╩An Apple Newton MessagePad 100 or 110 personal digital assistant

* An IBM or IBM-compatible computer with Microsoft Windows version 3.1 or later, at least 4MB of RAM, a Type II PCMCIA expansion slot, and Card Services software version 2.0 or later

*╩A Hayes-compatible modem (if you want to send messages)

Availability & Pricing

The Apple Mobile Message System may be purchased only at authorized Apple Value Added Resellers and select Apple authorized resellers.

The ApplePrice for the Apple Mobile Message System (M3516LL/A) is $549. The basic monthly fee for the Apple Notification Service is $19.95.

For more information and/or a list of authorized resellers, customers should call the Apple Mobile Message System fax-back number 1-800-510-4955.

Part Number Description ApplePrice
M3516LL/A Apple Mobile Message System $549.00
. Apple Notification Service $ 19.95/month

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