Apple IIe/IIgs: Slot Assignments (7/94)

What are the slot assignments for the Apple IIe and Apple IIgs computers?

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Slot# Item Description
----- ---- -----------
Slot 1: Printer Super Serial card/other printer card
Slot 2: Modem Super Serial card/Internal modem card
Slot 3: Video/Extended memory RAM upgrades, 80 col card. (reserved)
Slot 4: Mouse Mouse controller card
Slot 5: Hard drive SCSI card/Profile controller card
Slot 6: 5.25" drives DISK II or other drive controller
Slot 7: 5.25" or 3.5" disk drive DISK II or other drive controller

- The Apple //e will boot from the highest numbered slot with a bootable device

- If an Apple //e has a hard drive with more than 2 partitions, the drive will
show the 3rd and 4th partition as slot 2, drive 1 and slot 2, drive 2.
This is regardless as to what is physically connected to slot 2.

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Published Date: Feb 19, 2012