Installing Quickfile on Catalyst For The Apple III

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You may move QUICKFILE (APPLE) to the hard disk. This will allow you to access
it with greater ease than by using a floppy.


1) Boot the CATALYST diskette.
2) From the main CATALYST menu, select the Systems Utilities Program.
3) Press "F" for File Handling Commands.
4) Press "M" for Make a New Subdirectory.
6) Press RETURN to accept the default size of 25 files.
7) Press ESCAPE.
8) Put the QUICKFILE PROGRAM diskette in the internal drive.
9) Press "C" for Copy Files.
10) Enter".D1/SYSTEM.STARTUP" as the source file name.
11) Enter ".PROFILE/CATALYST/QF/QF" as the destination file name.
12) Enter ".D1/SYSTEM.LIBRARY as the next source file name to copy.
13) Enter ".PROFILE/CATALYST/QF/QF.LIB" as the name of the destination file.
14) When these files have been copied, hold down both APPLE keys and press
ESCAPE to return to the CATALYST menu.

1) Enter the number for Catalyst Edit.
2) Enter "1" to add an entry to the menu.
3) Enter the number of the menu entry you want QUICKFILE to precede.
4) Enter QUICKFILE as the display name.
5) Enter CATALYST/PASCAL as the interpreter pathname.
6) Press RETURN for the character set pathname.
7) Press RETURN for standard character set.
8) Press RETURN again to use the default keyboard.
9) Press RETURN to accept the default prefix.
10) Enter "3" for the "max files allowed..." question.
11) Enter "CATALYST/QF,QF" when you are asked for the program path.(This will
give a bad path error but ignore it.)
12) You will be asked if this entry is correct. If it is, enter "Y", or just
press RETURN. You will be allowed to insert another entry. Since you do not
want to do this, enter "0" to exit to the main menu.
13) Enter "7" to update the INTERPS file. When you are asked if you want to
recalculate the load address, enter "N".
14) Exit to the CATALYST main menu by entering "0".

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Published Date: Feb 19, 2012