ImageWriter Hardware Communication Problems

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

This table is composed of typical Imagewriter communication problems
and fixes. If your problem matches a symptom, perform the appropriate fix.

1. Apple IIe computer
2. Super Serial Card and printer cable
3. Level I Tech Procedures
4. Imagewriter User's Manual
5. Pencil and paper

1. If replacement or adjustment procedures are needed, refer to the Tech
2. If a replacement doesn't fix the problem, reinstall the original
module/part before proceeding with the procedure.
3. If location for IW controls are needed, refer to the User's Manual.

INSTRUCTIONS: In order to isolate a hardware communications problem, you
first need to eliminate the possibility of a software or DIP switch
configuration problem. To do this perform the following:

1. Turn off the printer, write down the customer's Super Serial Card and
printer DIP switch configurations. Set the DIP switches as shown below:
(Note: Op = open, Cl = closed, up = On, dn = Off)

_____IW-SW2_____ ___________IW-SW1_____________
Cl Cl Op Op Op Op Op Op Cl Cl Op Cl
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

________SSC-SW1_________ ________SSC-SW2_________
Off Off Off On Off On On On Off Off On On Off Off MODEM/TERM jumper
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 block to TERM

2. Remove all peripheral cards from the IIe. Install the Super Serial card
in slot 1. Connect the IW to the S/S card via printer cable
Turn on the IW (make sure cover is installed). Turn on the IIe and press
the RESET key while you press the CONTROL key (DO NOT BOOT A DISK). The
cursor should blink.

Type the program exactly as shown below.

10 PR#1
20 FOR A = 1 TO 100
30 FOR I = 32 TO 126
50 PR#0
60 END

3. Type RUN and press the <RETURN> key. The printer should print
out about 100 character sets like the one shown below. If it does, the
IW communicates with the computer OK.


If the printout is not OK, look below for problems.

* If you get a SYNTAX ERROR on the computer, you may have mis-typed a line.
To correct the syntax error perform the following:
(1) Type LIST and press <RETURN>. The program should appear on the
(2) Examine the program for accuracy. Spaces, colons, etc. are
(3) To correct a line, simply retype the line and press <RETURN>. LIST
again to make sure the correction is OK.

* If nothing happens on the printer or the computer, press the RESET key
while you press the CONTROL key. Then LIST your program as described
above in the SYNTAX ERROR explanation to look for typing errors.

* If no syntax errors occured and the cursor is blinking again, then the
program has probably run OK so check for the problems below:

PROB: The printer does not print a set of characters.
FIX: Recheck for the problem after each of the following steps. If no
problem is found, go to step 4.
(1) Check that the computer is properly powered on and initialized.
(2) Check that the SEL light is on. If it's not, press SEL and try to
print from the computer again using the program above. If it prints
while the SEL light is off, replace the switch panel.
(3) Make sure that the interface cable between the printer and the
computer is connected and secured at both ends.
(4) Replace main logic PCB.

PROB: The printer prints a set of characters but print quality is poor.
FIX: Do a word search for "Imagewriter and HTS and Self Test Problems"
to obtain the print quality FIX.

4. Reset the DIP switches to the customer's original configuration. Then
refer to the User's Manual and the Appendix in the Imagewriter section of
the Tech Procedures to see if the customer's DIP switch configuration
caused the problem.

Published Date: Feb 19, 2012