Macintosh: ROM Size for Various Models

This article lists the ROM size for various Macintosh models. Additional information on Macintosh ROMs can be found in article 2532: "Macintosh Computers: ROM Version Numbers".
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Note: After May 25, 1999, this article will not be updated. Product specific information on Macintosh ROM can be obtained from the Developer Note for a particular product. You can view and download Developer Notes from the following Web site:

Macintosh ModelROM Size
Macintosh 12864K
Macintosh 512K64K
Macintosh 512Ke128K
Macintosh Plus128K
Macintosh SE (both 800K & FDHD)256K
Macintosh Classic (4-chip and 2-chip)512K
Macintosh SE/30256K
Macintosh Classic II512K
Macintosh Color Classic1024K

Macintosh II ModelsROM Size
Macintosh II256K
Macintosh IIx256K
Macintosh IIcx256K
Macintosh IIci512K
Macintosh IIfx512K
Macintosh IIsi512K
Macintosh IIvi/IIvx1024K

Macintosh LC Models
Macintosh LC
Macintosh LC II512K
Macintosh LC III1024K
Macintosh LC 4751024K
Macintosh LC 520/5501024K
Macintosh LC 5751024K
Macintosh LC 5801024K
Macintosh LC 6301024K
Macintosh TV1024K

Macintosh Performa Models
Macintosh Performa 200512K
Macintosh Performa 400/405/410/430512K
Macintosh Performa 450/460/466/4671024K
Macintosh Performa 475/4761024K
Macintosh Performa 550/5601024K
Macintosh Performa 575/577/5781024K
Macintosh Performa 5801024K
Macintosh Performa 6001024K
Macintosh Performa 630/631/635/636/637/638/6401024K
Macintosh Performa 5200/5210/5215/52204096K
Macintosh Performa 52604096K
Macintosh Performa 53004096K
Macintosh Performa 6100 Series4096K
Macintosh Performa 62xx4096K
Macintosh Performa 63004096K
Macintosh Performa 63204096K
Macintosh Performa 6400 series4096K
Macintosh Performa 63604096K
Macintosh Performa 62904096K
Macintosh Quadra Models
Macintosh Quadra 6051024K
Macintosh Centris/Quadra 6101024K
Macintosh Quadra 6301024K
Macintosh Centris/Quadra 6501024K
Macintosh Quadra 7001024K
Macintosh Quadra 8001024K
Macintosh Quadra 9001024K
Macintosh Quadra 9501024K
Macintosh Centris/Quadra 660AV1024K
Macintosh Quadra 840AV2048K

Apple Workgroup Servers
Apple Workgroup Server 601024K
Apple Workgroup Server 801024K
Apple Workgroup Server 901024K
Apple Workgroup Server 951024K
Apple Workgroup Server 61504096K
Apple Workgroup Server 81504096K
Apple Workgroup Server 91504096K
Apple Workgroup Server 72504096K
Apple Workgroup Server 85504096K

Power Macintosh Models
Power Macintosh 4400 series4096K
Power Macintosh 5200/75 LC4096K
Power Macintosh 5260/1004096K
Power Macintosh 5300/100 LC4096K
Power Macintosh 5400 series4096K
Power Macintosh 5500 series4096K
Power Macintosh 6400 series4096K
Power Macintosh 6500 series4096K
Power Macintosh 6100 series4096K
Power Macintosh 7100 series4096K
Power Macintosh 7200 series4096K
Power Macintosh 7300 series4096K
Power Macintosh 7500/1004096K
Power Macintosh 7600 series4096K
Power Macintosh 8100 series4096K
Power Macintosh 8500 series4096K
Power Macintosh 8600 series4096K
Power Macintosh 9500 series4096K
Power Macintosh 9600 series4096K
Power Macintosh G34096K
Power Macintosh G3 (Blue and White)1024K

Macintosh PowerBook Models
Macintosh Portable256K
Macintosh Backlit Portable256K
PowerBook 100256K
PowerBook 1401024K
PowerBook 1451024K
PowerBook 1501024K
PowerBook 1601024K
PowerBook 165c1024K
PowerBook 1701024K
PowerBook 180/180c1024K
PowerBook Duo 2101024K
PowerBook Duo 2301024K
PowerBook Duo 2501024K
PowerBook Duo 270c1024K
PowerBook Duo 280/280c1024K
PowerBook 520/520c2048K
PowerBook 540/540c2048K
PowerBook 14001024K
PowerBook Duo 2300 series4096K
PowerBook 5300 series4096K
Published Date: Feb 19, 2012