System 6.0.8L: ReadMe File (8/95)

System 6.0.8L was a limited maintenance release of system software for markets in Apple Pacific. It was engineered to address some special needs for those markets that did not have access to System 7 at the time.

The following is the Read Me file included with the software.

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For the Macintosh Classic II and Macintosh PowerBook 100

What is version 6.0.8L?

System software version 6.0.8L allows you to use System 6 on your computer while sharing a network with System 7 users. As the L in the version number indicates, this software runs on a limited number of computers. It is primarily intended for the Macintosh Classic II and Macintosh PowerBook 100. However, it also runs on the Macintosh Classic, Macintosh LC, and Macintosh LC II. System software version 6.0.8L does not work on any other Macintosh computers.

Before you install version 6.0.8L

Before using the Installer program to install system software version 6.0.8L, be sure to remove any virus detection or security programs from your System Folder. After you have installed version 6.0.8L, you can reinstall those programs. If you are running system software version 7.0 or later on your computer, you should start up your computer using the 6.0.8L System Startup floppy disk and remove the System 7 System Folder from your hard disk before installing version 6.0.8L on your hard disk.

If you install a version earlier than 6.0.8L

If, after having installed version 6.0.8L on your hard disk, you decide to install an earlier version of system software, you must first remove the version 6.0.8L System Folder from your hard disk.

Sharing a LaserWriter on a network

If you upgrade to system software version 6.0.8L and you are on a network of shared LaserWriter printers, everyone on your network should upgrade to version 6.0.8 or 6.0.8L, or to System 7. If someone prefers not to upgrade their system software, they should at least install the new printing software using the Customize option in the Installer program found on the 6.0.8L System Startup disk. If someone prints on a network with a version of printing software earlier than 6.0.8, the printer must stop and "initialize" for that earlier version each time it's used. This slows down the printing process for everyone.

Using a Personal LaserWriter LS

In order to print with a Personal LaserWriter LS, you will need to upgrade your Personal LaserWriter LS driver to version 7.1.1 or greater. To obtain an upgrade for this driver, call the toll-free Apple software upgrade line, 800-947-5176, or pick up a mail-in upgrade coupon from your Apple dealer.

Using a LaserWriter IIsc

The Personal LaserWriter SC printing software replaces the earlier LaserWriter IIsc software. When you upgrade your system software to version 6.0.8L, the Installer automatically replaces the LaserWriter IIsc software with the Personal LaserWriter SC software. The new software works with both the Personal LaserWriter SC and the LaserWriter IIsc.

Differences between System 6 and System 7

A number of things in system software version 6.0.8L work differently than they do in System 7. Some System 7 features are not available in System 6. Some System 7 features are different from equivalent features in System 6.

These are System 7 features that do not exist in version 6.0.8L:

- the Help menu

- the Views control panel

- outline views of folders

- keyboard navigation in the Finder

- aliases

- file sharing

- virtual memory

- stationery pads

- custom icons

- Startup Items and Apple Menu Items folders

- automatic updating with publish and subscribe

- labels for icons in list views

- the ability to open and save documents on the desktop using the Open and Save dialog boxes

These are System 7 features that work differently in version 6.0.8L:

- the Application menu (in System 6 you use the MultiFinder icon instead)

- the System Folder's organization of files

- desk accessories

- fonts and sounds

- control panels

- the Find command (in version 6.0.8L you use the Find File desk accessory instead)

- the timing of when the Trash is emptied

Where to get a manual for System 6

To get complete documentation for system software version 6.0.8L, you can ask your Apple dealer for a copy of the Macintosh Reference (part number 030-4015-B). Your dealer can order that book for you. The Macintosh Reference and this update together contain all of the information you need to use system software version 6.0.8L.

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