Quadra 900, 950, AWS 95, WS 9150: Security Keyswitch

This article discusses the security keyswitch on the Quadra 900, 950, Workgroup Server 95, and Workgroup Server 9150.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
The Quadra 900, 950, Workgroup Server 95, and Workgroup Server 9150 come with a security keyswitch that allows owners to limit access to the computer.

The keyswitch has three positions: OFF, ON, and SECURE. The key can be removed while the switch is in any of the three positions. The operation of the keyswitch is designed to provide a first level of security for users who wish to use it, without being inconvenient for those who don't.

Keyswitch OFF Position

When the keyswitch is in the OFF position, the computer can't be turned on. Moving the keyswitch from either the ON or SECURE position to the OFF position turns the computer off.

Warning: Turning the keyswitch to OFF when the computer is running turns the power off immediately-- the system software doesn't have a chance to close files. If the computer is turned off by turning the keyswitch to OFF, data can be lost.

Keyswitch ON Position

When the keyswitch is in the ON position, the user controls the power the same way as on any other computer in the Macintosh II, Quadra, and Power Macintosh family. The computer can be turned on from the keyboard and turned off with the Shut Down menu item.

Keyswitch SECURE Position

When the keyswitch is in the SECURE position, the ADB devices and floppy disk drive are disabled. For example, the keyboard does not generate characters, or the mouse moves but no menus can be pulled down. Also, when power is applied to the computer while the keyswitch is in the SECURE position, the computer automatically starts up.

The SECURE position is intended for situations involving remote access, or in which the computer is a network server. In the SECURE position, the computer will automatically power on if power is disrupted (the power cable is removed, or power goes out).

Lost Keys

You should make several copies of the key immediately and place them in a secure location. Most key shops have blanks for the type of key used in the 900/950/AWS95/WS9150.

If the key is lost, you can take the computer to a locksmith shop and have them create a new key. If this option is not viable, an entire replacement lock assembly can be ordered from any Apple Authorized Service Provider. The part number is 705-0175.

Note: For security reasons Apple will not replace individual keys.

Published Date: Feb 19, 2012