GarageBand: Unable to trim the start of regions created with Software Instruments

GarageBand does not allow you trim the beginning of a Software Instrument region beyond the first MIDI data event.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
You record a region using any of the Software Instruments in GarageBand. If you then try to "trim" the beginning of the region to coincide with the first note played, or the downbeat of the measure, you are unable to drag the left edge of the region to the first note of music. You may either be able to trim a part of the region or not to be able to trim at all.

This is because GarageBand does not allow removal of MIDI data from the beginning of a region using the trim function. The region can be resized as long as there is no MIDI data in the area before the desired starting point.

The solution is to split the region at the beginning of the note data and then delete the first segment.
Last Modified: Feb 19, 2012

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