iPod mini: Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about iPod mini and where to get more information.
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Question 1: What are the system requirements for iPod mini?

Answer: See "iPod System Requirements".

Question 2: How is iPod mini different from other iPods?

Answer: iPod mini is designed to hold 1000 of your favorite songs and go everywhere you go. iPod is designed to hold your entire music collection - up to 10,000 songs - and go anywhere you go.

iPod mini has the same software features as iPod, except support for voice recording and photo storage. If you require those features, purchase iPod rather than iPod mini.

Question 3: Can I use older technology, such as peripherals, cards, software, and accessories, with this new product?

Answer: See "iPod mini: About Using Older Accessories"
Last Modified: Oct 7, 2016

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