iMovie: Using FileVault Can Affect Performance

Learn how to use iMovie with FileVault, a feature of Mac OS X Panther.
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FileVault is a feature of Mac OS X 10.3 that allows you to secure access to your home folder through the use of encryption. When FileVault is turned on, files in your home folder are encrypted and decrypted as needed.

Using iMovie when FileVault is turned on may reduce iMovie performance if the project is saved in the encrypted directory (usually your home folder).

For best results when using FileVault, move your iMovie project folder outside your home folder, such as /Users/Shared/, or to another hard disk. Note: You must move the entire project folder out of your home folder.

After you have finished editing the project, you can drag its folder back into your home directory.

If you don't move your iMovie project folder out of your home directory, you may experience these issues:
  • Recording a voiceover in iMovie results in the alert message, "The disk responded slowly."
  • Video imported from a DV device has dropped frames, or iMovie unexpectedly stops importing video.

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Дата публикации: Oct 7, 2016