Xserve: Rack mount solutions

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Learn about supported and unsupported rack mount solutions for Xserve, Xserve (Slot Load), Xserve G5, and Xserve (Late 2006).

Some rack manufacturers advertise and sell racks for use with Xserve that mount the server vertically. This configuration has not been tested and may cause thermal or other unexpected issues.

To avoid thermal issues, it is important that the Xserve, Xserve (Slot Load), Xserve G5 and Xserve (Late 2006) have unrestricted front-to-back airflow. You can monitor the temperature of your Xserve from the Server Monitor software, which also displays the status of the fans.

Supported rack solutions for the Xserve, Xserve (Slot Load), and Xserve G5 include EIA-310-D-compliant, industry-standard 19-inch wide racks, including four-post racks (24 inches , 26 inches , and from 29 to 36 inches deep) and two-post Telco racks (center-mount brackets included).

Supported rack solutions for the Xserve (Late 2006) include most EIA-310-D-compliant, industry-standard 19-inch wide, four-post racks and cabinets (24 to 36 inches deep). The standard quick-deployment rails support square-hole racks and eliminate the need for cage nuts, while quick-deployment rails supporting threaded (10/32") racks are available as a configurable option.

Published Date: Feb 20, 2012