Mac OS X: About the "Install Mac OS 9 Drivers" Option in Disk Utility

Learn about the "Install Mac OS 9 Drivers" option in the Mac OS X Disk Utility.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
When formatting a hard disk using the Disk Utility application, there may be an option to "Install Mac OS 9 Drivers" under the Erase panel. Note: Disk Utility offers this option if the computer can start from Mac OS 9. If you don't see it in Disk Utility, your computer may start from Mac OS X only.

If you do not select this option when formatting a hard drive, the disk may not appear when the computer starts up from any version of the Mac OS other than Mac OS X. You should only deselect this option if the computer or hard disk is to be used exclusively with Mac OS X. Not selecting this option saves a small amount of drive space.

This option does not affect the availability or use of a disk with Classic in Mac OS X.

Published Date: Oct 10, 2016