iTunes: Unable to import copy-protected audio discs

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iTunes is unable to import ("rip") tracks from certain audio discs that have a copy protection system.

Copy protection or dirty or scratched disc?

There's not always an easy way to identify which discs have copy protection. So, verify that you can import tracks from other audio CDs with your CD/DVD drive. If you can import tracks from other CDs, make sure the disc is clean and free from debris and scratches. To clean, wipe the shiny surface with a soft, damp cloth, working from center to edge. If the disc is scratched, it may be unreadable.

Non-standard discs

Discs that adhere to the CD Digital Audio (CDDA) specification will usually display this logo on the disc or disc case:

If the disc does not have this logo, it may not conform to the CDDA standard. Reasons for this can include:

  • The disc contains additional multimedia.
  • The disc may have been created in a way that does not allow the audio portion to be imported into iTunes (a form of copy protection).
  • The disc may contain a specific copyright protection mechanism to prevent reproducing the contents of the disc.

You should contact the manufacturer of the disc for additional assistance with these types of discs and for possible ways to import the audio files onto a computer or iPod.

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Published Date: Oct 10, 2016