Knowledge Base: Language Codes Used

This document contains a explanation of the language codes used in the software download documents in the Knowledge Base.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.


Language Codes The Knowledge Base, with limited exceptions, uses standard ISO-639 language codes. Below is a list of the most common language codes used in the Knowledge Base.

Note: When a single software download can update any language a single letter, Z, is used as the language code.







ISO-639 code


English EN EN-NA is used for North American English
EN-Z is used for International English
French (français) FR


German (Deutsch) DE


Spanish (Español) ES


Italian (Italiano) IT


Dutch (Nederlands) NL


Japanese JA


Norwegian (Norsk) NO


Swedish (Svensk) SV


Finnish (Suomi) FI


Danish (Dansk) DA


Brazilian/Portuguese (Portugues Brasileiro) PT


Chinese ZH ZH-S is used for Simplified Chinese
ZH-T is used for Traditional Chinese
Korean KO






Country Codes The Apple Specifications are published specifically for a country. ISO-1366 country codes are used for each country.

Note: In Europe specifications may be available in multiple languages for a given country.




ISO-3166 code


Australia AU  
Austria AT  
Belgium BE  
Canada CA  
Denmark DK  
Finland FI  
France FR  
Germany DE  
Ireland IE  
Italy IT  
Japan JP  
Netherlands NL  
Norway NO  
South Africa ZA  
Sweden SE  
Switzerland CH  
United Kingdom GB  
United States US  


Published Date: Feb 20, 2012