QuickTime Streaming Server 2.0: Access Log Format

This article describes the QuickTime Streaming Server 2.0 access log format.

Note: All information in this article comes from the help file distributed with QuickTime Streaming Server 2.0. The help file includes additional help topics which are not covered in the Knowledge Base.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
QuickTime Streaming Server 2.0 Access Log Format
Field Name
Example Value
c-ipclient IP address192.100.20.35
datedate of access11/16/99
timetime of access (HH:MM:SS)15:30:30
c-dnsresolved dns of the clientaclient.company.com
c-url-stemrequested filertsp://server/sample.mov
c-starttimestart time in whole seconds0
x-durationduration of the session(s) in whole seconds31
c-ratenot used at this time
c-statusHTTP return code; 200 is success, 404 file not found200
c-playeridunique player ID
c-playerversionQuickTime streaming version4.1
c-playerlanguageplayer language (two letter country code)EN
cs (User-Agent)user agent
cs (referer)referring URLhttp://www.apple.com
c-hostexenot used at this time
c-hostexevernot used at this time
c-osoperating systemMac OS 9.0
c-osversionnot used at this time
c-cputype of cpuPPC
filelengthfile length(s) in whole seconds60
filesizefile size (bytes)86000
avgbandwidthbytes per second24300
transportudp or tcpudp
audiocodecaudio codec nameQDesign
videocodecvideo codec nameSorenson
channelURLnot used at this time
sc-bytesbytes sent by server to the client30000
cs-bytesbytes received by the client28000
s-pkts-sentpackets sent by server55
c-pkts-receivedpackets received by the client50
c-pkts-lost-clientpackets lost by the client5
c-pkts-lost-netpackets lost at the network layer2
c-pkts-lost-cont-netcontinuous packets lost at the network layer2
c-resendreqspackets resent5
c-pkts-recovered-ECCpackets resent successfully; recovered in the client layer1
packets recovered via udp resend5
c-totalbuffertimeseconds buffered20
c-qualityquality measurement (percent)89
s-ipserver IP address
(entered by unicast server)
s-dnsserver DNS addressmyserver.company.com
s-totalclientstotal client connections at the time of access201
s-cpu-utilpercent cpu utilization at the time of access40
cs-uri-querynot used at this time
Published Date: Feb 20, 2012