AppleWorks 5: How to Open a Microsoft Word Document

This article explains how to open a Microsoft Word document with AppleWorks 5.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
An error may occur when you try to open Microsoft Word 6 or later files with AppleWorks 5 (and ClarisWorks 5) by double-clicking on the file. AppleWorks 5 includes translators for Word 5 files and earlier. AppleWorks 5 does not include translators for Word 97 (PC), Word 95/6.0 (PC/Mac), or Word 98 (Mac) file formats, and cannot open these files.

    1. To open a Microsoft Word 6 document using AppleWorks 5 (and ClarisWorks 5), drag the file onto the AppleWorks 5 application icon. Double-clicking the file will not work (unless you have installed a third-party translation program).

    2. To open a Word 97 (PC), Word 95/6.0 (PC/Mac), or Word 98 (Mac) file, save the file in text (.txt), or rich text format (.rtf), then open it with AppleWorks 5. Rich text format retains most of the document's formatting. Text format retains the text but loses any format and style.

Some utilities like MacLink Plus and Conversion Plus can also help you open different file types with AppleWorks 5.

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