Power Mac G4: How to Turn the Computer On and Off

The Apple Pro Keyboard does not have a Power button to turn on a computer. This article explains how to turn a Power Mac G4 computer on and off.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
There are two ways to turn the Power Mac G4 computer on and off:
  • Press the power button on the computer
  • Press the power button on one of these displays:
    • Apple Studio Display 17 (LCD)
    • Apple Cinema Display (ADC)
    • Apple Studio Display LCD (ADC)
    • Apple Studio Display 17 (ADC)
    • Apple Cinema HD Display
The power button on the Power Mac G4 Cube computer and the displays listed above can sense when you touch them with your finger. Refer to Figures 1 and 2 for the location of these buttons.

Touch the power button with the flat part of your finger and hold it there briefly. The switch gently flashes when you touch it.

Figure 1 Display power button

Figure 2 Power Mac G4 Cube power button

Note: The power button on other Power Mac G4 computers is mechanical and you must press to activate them.

To turn off the computer without choosing Shut Down, press the power button until the shut down dialog box appears on screen, then click Shut Down.

Published Date: Oct 7, 2016

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