iMac (Slot Loading): What‘s New and Different

This article lists the major new features of iMac (Slot Loading), as well as a brief description of each feature.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Here are the major new features of iMac:
  • Slot loading CD- or DVD-ROM drive - Rather than using a tray to hold the disc, the iMac (Slot Loading) has a slot similar to an automotive CD player. Simply insert any 120-millimeter disc into the slot and iMac takes it from there.
  • The iMac DV models have a slot loading DVD-ROM drive in place of the CD-ROM drive.
  • VGA Mirroring - There is a VGA port on the iMac DV models that provides the capability to connect an external VGA style monitor to mirror the image on the iMac screen.
  • FireWire - There are two 400 Mbps FireWire ports on the iMac DV models for use with high-speed FireWire devices such as video camcorders and hard drives. More information on FireWire and FireWire devices can be found at
  • Firewire cable - To enable early adopters to get started making movies quickly, Apple is including as a special bonus, an Apple-designed FireWire (4-6 pin) cable in the box with iMac DV models. This is being provided while supplies last.
  • Wireless networking ready - The iMac is ready to accept the an AirPort card. An antenna is built-in to the iMac enclosure.
  • Better sound - The front speakers of iMac provide improved mid and high range sound, while a speaker port on the underside of iMac improves low end bass response.
  • Dual Channel USB - Each USB port now has its own dedicated USB controller providing enhanced functionality such as USB booting and USB audio support.
  • No System Fan - The iMac (Slot Loading) does not have an internal system fan. Instead, it relies on convection for cooling.

Note: Wireless Internet access requires an Internet service provider (fees may apply) and AirPort (or AirPort-compatible) wireless Ethernet card and base station. Some ISPs are not compatible with AirPort. For more information, see technical document 106590: "AirPort: Requirements for Wireless Internet Access"
Published Date: Feb 20, 2012