ATI Video Accelerator Update: Description

This article provides a description of the ATI Video Software Update 1.0 available for download from the Apple Software Updates Web site at
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Important Information About the ATI Video Accelerator Update

The ATI Video Accelerator Update accelerates playback of certain types of QuickTime movies. This document describes the ATI Video Accelerator Update and when you need to install it.

What Is the ATI Video Accelerator Update?

The ATI Video Accelerator Update is a system extension that accelerates playback of certain types of QuickTime movies. It enhances the ATI Video Accelerator in the following ways:

  • Multiple Movies Can Be Accelerated--Previously, only one movie could be accelerated at a time. With the update, the amount of video memory (VRAM) determines how many movies can be accelerated.

  • Overlapped Movies Can Be Accelerated--Prior to the update, a movie would only be accelerated if all of it was visible. Now it will be accelerated even if a portion of it is hidden by another window.
  • No Flashes When Acceleration Starts--When acceleration is turned on for a movie, a black or dark green flash will no longer be seen when acceleration starts.
  • Better Color Matching Between Accelerated and Non-Accelerated Movies--Previously, there was a detectable difference between the color of an accelerated and non-accelerated movie. These color differences are lessened with the update.

Who Needs to Install the ATI Video Accelerator Update?

The following computers, running Mac OS 8.6, which use the ATI Video Accelerator will benefit from the ATI Video Accelerator Update:

  • All iMac *
  • All PowerBook G3 Series
  • All Power Macintosh G3
  • Power Macintosh 4400, 5500, 6500
  • Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh

*Note: Although the ATI Video Software Update does not contain performance enhancements for ATI Rage II-based iMac computers, the software can be installed on a Series 1 iMac running Mac OS 8.6.

Below is a list of the ATI extensions that will be present after installing the update:
Extension Name
Minimum Version
ATI 3D Accelerator
ATI Graphics Accelerator
ATI Resource Manager
ATI Rage 128 3D Accelerator
ATI Video Accelerator
QuickDraw 3D
QuickDraw 3D RAVE

Is the ATI Video Accelerator Still Required?

Yes, the update is meant to complement the ATI Video Accelerator, not replace it. Eventually the update will be merged into the ATI Video Accelerator.

I Don't Notice Any Performance Improvement After Installing the Update.

With QuickTime 3.0, certain Macintosh models are not able to take advantage of the update due to hardware constraints in the RageII+, RageIIc, LT-G, and 264GT-B. QuickTime 4.0 provides acceleration of movie playback computers with these graphics controllers. Additionally, the performance benefits of the update will only be seen at thousands or millions of colors.

Movie Playback is Choppy at Large Display Resolutions.

Though the Rage 128 can easily play back a movie at any display resolution, movie playback might be choppy on the Rage II+, RagePro, RageIIC, LT-G, LTPro, and 264GT-B. Set the display to 1024 x 768 (or smaller) at thousands of colors to avoid this problem.

Published Date: Feb 20, 2012