Mac OS 8.5: Network Browser Features

What are the features of the Network Browser application?
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The new Network Browser lets you easily find and connect to AppleShare servers on an AppleTalk network. You can also use the Network Browser to create a list of favorite servers and quickly connect to these servers.

To open the Network Browser, select Network Browser from the Apple menu. The Network Browser window opens showing a list of the network zones available:

Figure 1, Network Browser window.

Depending on the network you are connected to, the lists of available zones may not appear as shown. If you are connected to a network that does not have a network router, you may not see any zones listed. You will only see the devices connected to your computer's AppleTalk connection.

To access file servers in the Network Browser, double-click on the zone icon or click the zone's disclosure triangle. Click the disclosure triangle for the file server you want to see a list of volumes available. The file server's sign-in dialog appears allowing you to connect to the server. Then click the volume icon that you wish to open from the list:

Figure 2, Selecting a volume icon.

The Network Browser window has five buttons at the top part of the window: Shortcuts, Favorites, Recent, Previous, and Next:

Figure 3, Network Browser window buttons

Shortcuts - Connect to your AppleTalk network or to an AppleShare IP file server:

Figure 4, Network Browser shortcuts options

Selecting Connect to Server opens a window allowing you to specify the address of the AppleShare IP file server.

Favorites - Add the names of zones, servers, and volumes that you use frequently to a list of favorite items using the Favorites button:

Figure 5, Network Browser Favorites options

Recent - Choose from a list of AppleShare volumes you have recently visited:

Figure 6, Network Browser Recent options

For additional information on how to use this feature, click the Help button or open the Help Center (from the help menu) and type the name of the feature. Balloon Help can also answer questions about window contents, window controls and menu items in the Finder, Control Panels and Applications, where supported. To turn on Balloon Help, choose "Balloon Help" from the Help menu in the Finder.

Published Date: Feb 20, 2012