QuickTime Pro: About Types of QuickTime Tracks

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This document discusses the different types of track elements that can be in a QuickTime Movie.

Each element of a QuickTime movie is contained in a separate track. You make a QuickTime movie by adding tracks that point to the media you want to use. The media may be embedded in the movie itself, or reside on a server half a world away. This track architecture is powerful and flexible, providing you with the control and precision you need to create complex interactive movies.

Each track represents a unique aspect or ability that you can change over time. A single movie may have many different track types, including video, audio, text, sprite, Flash, HREF, hinting, QuickTime VR, and chapter divisions. Each track, in turn, may possess many modifiable properties.

Sample QuickTime movie properties

Movie Track

Contains movie title, description, copyright information, and other general information on the entire movie.

Video Track

Digitized video, rendered 3D animation, or any other compiled image sequence, with optional special effects.

Audio Track

CD-quality audio or other audio formats.

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Music Track

MIDI music with QuickTime instruments

Timecode Track

Contains the control information that allows QuickTime to interpret media samples within a movie.

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Quartz Composer Track

Used to create motion graphics animation based on OpenGL, Core Image, and Core Video technologies. These animations are called "Quartz Composer compositions" and are stored in ".qtz" files.

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Text Track

Text imported into QuickTime for titles, subtitles, credits, notes, and other uses.

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Chapter Track

A type of text track that divides and index the movie into sections.

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HREF Track

Text track containing interactive or automatic URL lines.

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Sprite Track

Contains one or more small images with animatable, programmable behaviors; useful for signs, symbols, games, and effects.

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3D Track

Contains 3DMF (QuickDraw 3D metafile) objects.

Flash Track

Incorporates Adobe Flash (.swf) animation.

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QTVR or VR object track

QuickTime VR information for object movies.

QTVR panorama track

QuickTime VR information for panorama movies.

Streaming Track

Contains a reference to a live stream or a movie on a streaming server.

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Hint Track

Contains information that allows a streaming server to deliver a media track as a real-time stream.

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Published Date: Feb 20, 2012