Mac OS 9: Set-up and Management of The Multiple Users Control Panel

How to set up and manage the Mac OS 9 Multiple Users feature.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Multiple users can use the same computer by creating a unique environment for each user. You, as the computer's owner, can create and control the following items.
  • Which applications and hard disk locations each user can access.
  • Create up to 40 different user accounts and one guest user account.
  • Assign another user the privilege to create and manage user accounts.
To create and manage user accounts, open the Multiple Users control panel.

Note: Before using the Multiple Users control panel, confirm you have entered an owner name and password in the File Sharing control panel.

To create a new user account:
    1. Click New User.
    2. Enter the user name and password (optional).
    3. Select the type of user: Normal, Limited, or Panels.
    4. Click Show Setup Details.
    5. Set up the login dialog box for each user by selecting an existing picture or dragging a picture from a Web browser.
    6. Make additional settings.
    • User can change password: Allows the user to change the password you set and to set or change their voiceprint password.
    • Can Log In: If this is not checked, the user account is temporarily disabled.
    • Can Manage User Account: This user (account manager) can create, delete, or modify other accounts (except for the owner's). This checkbox is only disabled for a Normal user.
    7. Click the close box to save your settings.
To create multiple users with the same settings:
Select a user whose settings you want to duplicate and click Duplicate.

To edit a user account:
Double-click the user name or select the user name and click Open and make the changes you want.

To set up a guest account:
Click Options, then click the Other tab and select the "Allow a Guest User Account" check box.
Published Date: Feb 20, 2012