About the Safari 3.1 Update

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.


To update to Safari 3.1, use Apple Software Update or a standalone installer. You only need to use one of these methods to update your computer.

Software Update

Software Update will automatically check for the latest Apple software using the Internet. (You might have followed a Software Update link to this article to learn more about the update.) If your computer is not up-to-date, other available software updates will appear.

Standalone installer

Download the update installer and run it manually. This is a useful option when you need to update multiple computers but only want to download the update once.



  • Improves JavaScript performance


  • Adds support for CSS 3 web fonts
  • Adds support for CSS transforms and transitions
  • Adds support for HTML 5 <video> and <audio> elements
  • Adds support for offline storage for Web applications in SQL databases
  • Adds support for SVG images in <img> elements and CSS images
  • Adds support for SVG advanced text

Microsoft Windows

  • Improves Back/Forward performance
  • Supports signed Java applets
  • Shows Caps Lock icon in password fields
  • Adds support for showModalDialog
  • Localized in 16 languages
  • Adds support for International Domain Names
  • Improves handling of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean text
  • Contextual menu now allows opening a link in a window or tab
  • Improves pop-up blocking to work with plug-ins


  • Increases site compatibility


  • Improves application stability


  • Adds option in Safari preferences to turn on the new Develop menu which contains various web development features
  • Allows access to Web Inspector
  • Allows access to Network Timeline
  • Allows editing CSS in the Web Inspector

  • Allows custom user agent string
  • Improves snippet editor


  • Double clicking on the Tab Bar opens new tab
  • Includes URL metadata when images are dragged or saved from browser
  • Opens Download and Activity window in current Space
  • Supports trackpad gestures for back, forward, and magnify on MacBook Air and compatible MacBook Pro computers
  • Shows Caps Lock icon in password fields


  • For information about the security content of this update, visit this website.

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Published Date: Oct 11, 2016