Fixing Incorrect Song or Album Listings in iTunes

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When you purchase a single track or extended play (EP), especially as a pre-release single before the release of a new album, then later complete the album using "Complete My Album", the track's information may be different from that of the rest of the tracks on the album. This will cause the album track listing to be out of order in your playlist.

The highlighted track below is an example of how these tracks may appear in your library. Notice that the track numbering as well as the album information is incorrect.

Correcting this is simple! By editing the information of the song, you will correct the sort order and the song will appear correctly in album view.


Editing Track Information in iTunes

To view and edit a song or video's info in iTunes:

  • Click once on the track title to select it
  • From the File menu, choose Get Info
  • Click the Info tab

You will see a screen like the one below:


Before you edit the affected track's information, you may want to look at the Info tab of one of the other songs on the album. This may reveal additional information which is not displayed in your default iTunes track listing.

You can also use the arrow links in iTunes to find the updated track listing in iTunes for the affected song. Once you've found the track on the iTunes Store, select it and choose "Get Info" from the File Menu to view the Track Number and Album information for the file.

  • Note: Arrow links to the iTunes Store can be enabled/disabled from the General tab in iTunes Preferences.


In this example there are three pieces of information that need to be updated to correctly display this track in the album's listing:

  • Album title
  • Track Number
  • Genre
    • Note: The Genre information is not displayed in the iTunes track listing by default. The correct Genre listing can be found by viewing the Info tab on another song on this album.

Type in the correct information for this track and then click OK.

After you have changed the information and clicked OK to save your changes, the track will appear in your album listing in the correct order.

Published Date: Apr 5, 2013