About the Xsan 1.4.1 update

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There are two updates for Xsan 1.4.1: "Xsan 1.4.1 Update for 10.4" and "Xsan Admin 1.4.1 Update". These are available from both Apple Downloads and Software Update.

Important: Read before continuing

Before installation

  • Xsan 1.1 or later is required in order to install Xsan 1.4.1.
  • If you are setting up a new Xsan deployment, please see this article for the proper installation order.
  • Be sure that all Metadata Controllers (MDCs) are updated before you make any configuration changes.
  • Before installing, please review the Xsan Migration Guide.
  • During installation, do not change any Xsan settings using Xsan Admin or a command-line tool.

After Installation

To prevent an inconsistent volume state, run the cvfsck command on each Xsan volume after the MDCs have been updated with Xsan 1.4.1 Update.

Metadata Controller (MDC) software version

Your MDCs must always have software versions (both Xsan and Mac OS) that are the same or more recent than the most recent client versions. Specifically, if any client in your Xsan network is using Xsan 1.4.1 with Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later, then your metadata controllers (MDCs) must also be updated to Xsan 1.4.1 on the same version of Mac OS X.

Software Update Installation

Software Update may have referred you to this document. Because some updates are prerequisites for others, you may need to use Software Update more than once to get all available updates.

Standalone Installer

A standalone installer is available from Apple Downloads.

Remote Installation

If you need to install the update on a remote computer, use the softwareupdate command-line tool.

Hardware Requirements

  • Xserve or Xserve G5
  • Mac Pro
  • Power Mac G5 (any)

Storage Network Requirements

  • Apple Fibre Channel PCI, PCI-X, or PCI-E Card

Compatibility Matrix

See Xsan: Compatibility of SAN clients with Xsan and StorNext controllers.

What's new in Xsan 1.4.1

Xsan 1.4.1 Update for 10.4

The Xsan 1.4.1 update improves reliability and is recommended for all systems running Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server version 10.4. It includes fixes for:

  • Reliable metadata controller failover
  • Using file system access control lists (ACLs)
  • Labeling and initializing LUNs greater than 2TB in size
  • AFP and NFS performance when re-sharing Xsan volumes
  • Handling file system quotas and notifications
  • Compatibility with Apple and third party applications

If you will be updating a SAN containing heterogeneous (Intel and PowerPC) Metadata Controllers (MDCs), please read this article.

Xsan Admin 1.4.1 Update

The Xsan 1.4.1 updatedelivers overall improved reliability for remotely administering, configuring and maintaining Xsan deployments. It includes fixes for:

  • Labeling and initializing Fibre Channel LUNs larger than 2TB in size
  • Expanding storage pools and volumes
  • Working with multiple Xsan metadata controllers in a heterogeneous environment
  • Displaying progress messages while performing lengthy operations
  • Preventing custom configuration changes from being overwritten during a save
  • Accurately reporting Fibre Channel multipathing errors

Xsan 1.4 Uninstaller

The Xsan 1.4 Uninstaller removes Xsan, the Xsan Admin application, and Xsan documentation files. The Xsan 1.4 Uninstaller is appropriate version to use when uninstalling Xsan 1.4.x installations and can be obtained from Apple Downloads, or can be found on the Xsan 1.4 installer media.

Note: Before removing Xsan, you should back up all of your data and volumes.

Xsan 1.4 documentation

Xsan 1.4.x administrators can find Xsan 1.4 documentation here.

Publicatiedatum: Oct 7, 2016