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In the United States and Canada, all newly registered users of Aperture receive 90 days of complimentary software support via telephone from the date of purchase. In addition, Apple offers a range of professional support options.

Aperture Discussion Boards

The Aperture Discussion forum is filled with experienced users. Ask a question, answer a question, or simply read what other Aperture users have to say.

Aperture Support Site

Apple’s Support website is filled with the best information for Aperture users. On this site, you can:

  • search for helpful Knowledge Base articles
  • troubleshoot an issue
  • download software updates for Aperture

Go to the Aperture Support website

Aperture Help

The built-in Help menu in Aperture gives you direct access to a searchable user manual that contains all sorts of information, such as how to set up and configure Aperture, how to perform image adjustments, or how to order books and prints.

Choose the Help menu in Aperture to access the user manual and other helpful resources.

Aperture manuals are also available online. Visit the Apple Manuals website.

Apple Pro Training

The Apple Pro Training Series is Apple’s official curriculum. Offered as a self-paced learning tool and used in all instructor-led courses, Apple chooses the authors because of their industry expertise.

The instructor-led courses are offered at Apple Authorized Training Centers across North America, Europe, Japan, Australia and Asia. Taught by Apple Certified Trainers, the courses balance concepts and lectures with hands-on labs and step-by-step real-world exercises.

Upon completion of the course material, a student can become an Apple Certified Pro by taking the certification exam offered only at Apple Authorized Training Centers. Successful certification as an Apple Certified Pro gives you official recognition of your knowledge of Apple’s professional applications.

Learn more about the Apple Pro Training Program

Learn more about the Apple Pro Training Series Books

Apple Consultants Network

Members of the Apple Consultants Network are independent technical experts, skilled in the setup, use, and maintenance of Apple products and solutions. In addition, many offer related third-party product solutions, as well as a variety of training services.

Check out the Apple Consultants Network site

Published Date: Feb 20, 2012

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