Final Cut Pro: Unexpected timecode breaks encountered with Batch Capture

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

In some instances, while batch capturing sequence clips, this alert message may appear:

Batch capture encountered timecode breaks in sequence items. To protect your edits, these clips were left offline and not divided into separate clips.

This dialog usually indicates that Final Cut Pro encountered non-sequential timecode when attempting to capture a clip. The timecode break might have been in the clip itself, in the requested media handle sections, or in the pre-roll segment of the tape leading up to the clip.

If this dialogue appears, try to determine what actual segment of tape Final Cut Pro is trying to capture. Final Cut Pro must be able to detect continuously present and sequential timecode values, starting from the pre-roll section, through incoming handle, the clip itself from In to Out, and through to the end of the outgoing handle.

If the timecode break occurs in the handle or pre-roll areas, try making the pre-roll or the handle values smaller (if possible) while capturing that particular clip. If you discover that there is a timecode break in the clip itself, simply re-log the single clip as two clips that do not include the problem timecode segment (remembering to allow for handles and pre-roll).

In rare cases, you may find that the timecode on tape seems to be valid and sequential for the section of media being captured. In most of these instances, a slightly erratic timecode signal may have caused Final Cut Pro to detect a break where none appears to exist. If this happens, the batch capture for that clip can simply be attempted again. If a timecode break is reported repeatedly, there may be a marginal problem with the tape itself. In these cases, a good solution is to dub or clone the tape to a new tape with timecode intact.

If none of the suggestions above help you to capture successfully, then choose Final Cut Pro > User Preferences. Click the General tab. In the On timecode break pop-up menu, choose Warn After Capture. This will allow you to complete the capture without the dialog appearing, but the resulting captured media may contain problems that could propagate further into the project as editing progresses. For this reason, this last suggestion should be taken only if all else fails. Remember to reset the preference to either Abort Capture or Make New Clip before capturing any additional media.

For more detail on the terms and concepts discussed in this document, refer to the Final Cut Pro User Manual, available within Final Cut Pro, under the Help menu.

Published Date: Feb 20, 2012