iSight: How to locate the serial number

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Learn how to locate the serial number of an iSight camera. This article applies to standalone iSight cameras, such as in this article, but not iSight cameras built into some iMacs and all MacBook Pro computers.

There are several ways to locate the serial number of a standalone iSight camera. The serial number consists of eleven letters and numerals, such as "W933355KCBL".

Look on the iSight camera's shipping box

Remove the sleeve from the box that the camera came in and look at the back of the box where iSight features are listed.. The serial number ("Serial No.") is printed on a white label.

Look on the bottom of the iSight camera

On the bottom of the camera, near the FireWire connector, the serial number is printed in small, white characters. If you find it difficult to read the serial number this way and you don't have the original shipping box, you can use the next method.

Open iSight Updater

  1. Start up in Mac OS X.
  2. Connect your iSight camera to your computer.
  3. From the Finder's Go menu, choose Utilities.
  4. In the Utilities folder, look for an iSight Updater folder.

    • If you see more than one iSight Updater folder, open the one with the highest version number, such as "iSight Updater 1.0.3".
    • If you don't see an iSight Updater folder, use Software Update to check for available iSight updates.
  5. In the iSight Updater folder is an iSight Updater application. Open the application and the serial number will be visible.

    Note: If you've already installed the iSight update, in which case "(up do date)" appears in the iSight Update window, you do not need to click Install.
  6. After you've made note of the serial number, press Command-Q to quit iSight Updater.


Published Date: Feb 20, 2012