iPhoto 5.0.4 or later: Grayscale images appear inverted.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

A black-and-white (grayscale) image looks normal when viewed in organize view, but inverted when you open it full size.

This can happen in iPhoto 5.0.4 or later with grayscale photos that include an embedded color matching profile. To work around this issue, you might consider removing the profile from the image if you do not plan to use it.

One way to remove the profile from the image is to use an AppleScript included with Mac OS X 10.4:

  1. Locate the AppleScript folder inside your Applications folder, and open AppleScript Utility.
  2. Select the checkboxes for "Show Script Menu in menu bar" and "Show Library scripts." Notice the S-shaped Script menu that now appears in your menu bar.
  3. In iPhoto, go to Organize view.
  4. - Locate the photo(s) you want to alter.
  5. From the Script menu, choose Colorsync > Remove profile from image.
  6. When prompted, click OK.
  7. When asked which image you want to alter, drag the image thumbnail from the iPhoto window to the Choose a File dialog. The contents of the dialog should change to the filename of your image.
  8. Click the Choose button.
  9. When asked if you want to remove the profile, click OK.

The photo should now display properly in iPhoto 5.0.4 or later.

Published Date: Feb 19, 2012