Using Apple displays with computers running Windows

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The Apple Cinema Display product line features the industry standard DVI connector, which allows it to be connected to a variety of computer systems, including both Apple and Windows-based computers. The DVI connection, along with the VESA DDC support, removes the barriers to using an Apple display with a non-Macintosh PC. As long as your graphics card supports the full single link and/or dual link bandwidth defined in the DVI specification and incorporates DDC technology, your PC graphics card will support the Apple Cinema Display line.

The 23-inch Apple Cinema HD Display and the 20-inch Apple Cinema Display require a single link DVI signal. The 30-inch Cinema HD Display requires dual link DVI support to drive its massive amount of pixels.

The table below includes a list of video cards from a number of different manufacturers that Apple has verified to provide VESA DDC as well as DVI single link and/or dual link support. Video cards from other manufacturers that are not listed may also be compatible.

Nvidia Quatro FX by PNY Technologies
Model tested: Apple Cinema Display (20-inch DVI) Apple Cinema HD Display (23-inch DVI) Apple Cinema HD Display (30-inch DVI)
FX 500    
FX 700  
FX 1100  
FX 3000
FX 4000
FX 540    
FX 1300  
FX 1400  
FX 3400
FX 4400

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Last Modified: Feb 18, 2012

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