Macintosh: Support for Older Model Computers

This article has been created to assist owners of older model Macintosh computers locate support information.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
The following are considered to be older model Apple Computers:

  • Classic Macintosh Systems
  • Macintosh II Systems
  • Macintosh LC Systems
  • Macintosh Performa Systems
  • Macintosh Centris & Quadra Systems
  • Power Macintosh Systems prior to Power Macintosh G3
  • Systems Upgraded to PowerPC

Please be aware that issues and solutions for older system software found in the Knowledge Archive have often been solved in more recent releases of system software. Therefore, it is recommended that you run the most recent system software that works with your Macintosh computer. For support and information on older Mac OS releases, please see article number 26181.

To find out if your Macintosh computer is in the Legacy Product Support category, please visit the Legacy Support Web page to see a list of qualifying products. If you have exhausted the resources listed below you may wish to proceed directly to
  • Apple Discussions - Older Apple Products.

    About the Knowledge Base and Knowledge Archive:

    You can find technical information on all Apple Computers in the Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base has over 14,000 technical articles and is updated daily. The Knowledge Archive contains Knowledge Base articles covering older Apple products (Select the "Archive" option before searching). Archived articles are not updated.

    About Software Updates:
    The Apple Software Library is a collection of updaters, utilities, and full software installs to help keep your Apple Products running smoothly. You can locate a particular software file by either searching our library, browsing our hierarchy, or viewing a list of the most recent postings. All software available from this site is covered by the software license agreement included with this software. Read Download Help if you need assistance downloading software. Apple Software Update web page is at:

    Software for Older Macintosh Computers:
    For information on Upgrading system software and other options please read article number 26181: Support for Older Macintosh Operating Systems

    Some Issues Identified in Older Model Computers:

    Power Macintosh: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Article number 42501 is comprised of questions frequently asked on the Power Macintosh discussion forum.

    Macintosh Family: Batteries and Part Numbers (FAQ) Article number 11751 contains frequently asked questions about Macintosh family
    batteries and part numbers, and answers to those questions.

    Disk First Aid Version 8.2 Read Me Article number 30567 describes this utility which is intended for 68040 and PowerPC-based Macintosh computers using Mac OS 8.1. It is a utility that verifies and repairs some problems that may occur on your hard disk drive.

    Flashing "?": Solution on Performa/Power Mac 54xx, 55xx, 6400, & 6500 Article number: 22078

    Macintosh 5xxx/6xxx Tester: Read Me Article number: 19999 contains the ReadMe file for the 5xxx/6xxx Tester application, which should be used with all Power Macintosh and Performa 5200, 5300, 6200, and 6300 series computers to test for known component issues that may cause system freezing.

    Macintosh 5xxx/6xxx: Microprocessor Issue Article number: 18616 describes an issue with some PowerPC 603 microprocessors installed on a limited number of Macintosh and Performa 5200 and 6200 series computers.

    Power Macintosh/Performa 52xx/62xx: Continuous Beep on Startup Article number: 22193
    Discusses an issue after installation of Mac OS 8.1. During startup, the computer will emit a "squealing" sound, similar to a car horn sounding continuously. The sound will continue until a new sound is played or the volume is changed.

    Apple Spec Database has Technical Specifications and Descriptions
    You can find Technical Specifications for the following products on the Apple Specification page.

    Classic Macintosh Systems; Macintosh II Systems; Macintosh LC Systems; Macintosh Performa Systems; Macintosh Centris & Quadra Systems; Macintosh PowerBook Systems; Power Macintosh Systems; Systems Upgraded to PowerPC

    Product Documentation Archive
    Apple product manuals are available in the Knowledge Base. Search using the product name followed by kmanual. For example to locate the Macintosh Performa manuals, you would type:

    performa kmanual

    For iMac manuals, type:

    iMac kmanual

    All manuals are in Adobe Acrobate format. Adobe Acrobat Reader version 3.0 or later is required to view the manuals. For further information view the Help document found on the Navigation Bar

    Apple Discussions
    If you have searched the Tech Info Library and Software Updates and you are still unable to find an answer to your older Macintosh computer related question please visit Apple Discussions for Older Apple Hardware Products. Finally, if you have exhausted all other options please post your question. If you are new to the Discussion Forum there is a Help document available at the top of every page.

    If you have tried all of the above Online options for solving your older Macintosh computer related question and you still need help, please review the Support Options web site.

  • Last Modified: Feb 19, 2012

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