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On February 27, 1998 Apple Computer, Inc. announced it will discontinue further development of the Newton operating system and Newton OS-based products, including the MessagePad 2100 and eMate 300.

This article has been created to assist Apple Support Web Site customers in finding technical support for Newton products previously distributed, and supported, from various Apple Web sites.
Find Technical Information and Software Updates for the following products:

Technical articles for the AppleMessagePad and eMate are found in the Knowledge Archive. Use the following links to go directly to articles for the specific product or search the Knowledge base (select the "Archive" option) for specific articles and to older Apple product discussions.

There is a list of Software Downloads for English North-American versions of Software for Macintosh, Apple II and Newton released prior to Mac OS 8.1 in January 1998. All software listed on this list is considered obsolete and may do harm if improperly installed. Please use extreme caution. All software released since January, 1998 is available in the AppleCare Knowledge Base (needs Apple ID), although there may be some duplicates listed here. Use this URL to see the list of Newton downloads for Windows or for Macintosh platforms

Newton or MessagePad Products
Newton or MessagePad ProductsTechnical Assistance Available Online
Newton Products
eMate 300eMate 300 articles
MessagePad 100MessagePad 100 articles
MessagePad 110MessagePad 110 articles
MessagePad 120MessagePad 120 articles
MessagePad 130MessagePad 130 articles
MessagePad 2000MessagePad 2000 articles
MessagePad 2100MessagePad 2100 articles
Newton SoftwareNewton Software Downloads
Newton Discussions

Key points of support information regarding former Newton Products:

MessagePad 2000 UpgradeProgram
The upgrade program introduced November 10, 1997 ended April 30, 1998

Unable to Access Newton Website

Customers may encounter a DNS error when using an old url to the Newton Specific Apple Web site at "". Apple no longer hosts a Newton Web site and this is no longer a valid url.

Macintosh Users Groups

If you are looking for motivated Newton Users who might help you find what you are looking for you can use the Discussion links featured above or use Apple's User Group Locator to find a group dedicated to Newton products.

User groups offer the greatest support bargain for most computer users. Within a user group you'll find some of the most helpful and knowledgeable computer experts, and they're willing to share their experience and advice. In addition, many user groups schedule speakers and events that give you a chance to keep up-to-date and learn more about the possibilities of your computer.

Apple Discussions Forum
If you searched the Knowledge Archive and Software Updates and are still unable to find an answer to your Newton or eMate related question please visit Discussion's and select the appropriate category. You can search for discussions relating to your question, or you can read through the existing posts.

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Published Date: Feb 19, 2012