Mac OS X: Can‘t access Help content, or content is blank or missing links

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Learn what to do if you can't get to information in Help, such as Finder or iCal 1.5 Help.

When you open Help, for example, you might see a blank page, or three links instead of four, but none of them work (you might expect to see these working links: What's New, Overview, Contents, Website).

Blank window in Mac OS X 10.4 or later

Download and install the Mac OS X 10.4.6 Update or later if you experience a blank window issue. You may also need to follow the steps described in the next section one time.

All versions of Mac OS X

Follow these steps:

  1. Quit Help Viewer if it is open.
  2. Click the Finder icon in the Dock.
  3. From the Go menu, choose Go to Folder.
  4. Type: ~/Library/Caches/

    Tip: "~" means your Home, which you can also get to by going to the Users folder and opening your home folder.

  5. Click Go.
  6. Look for the "" folder.
  7. Rename that folder to something else, such as "old Help cache folder".
  8. Open Help Viewer.

You should be able to access the Help content now.

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Published Date: Oct 11, 2016