iSync: About Syncing Large Amounts of Data at One Time

You may not be able to sync lots of calendar or contact information to some phones at one time. If this happens, sync less information at a time, or sync several times.
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An alert appears when syncing a large amount of data to a phone at one time. The alert indicates which data type is causing the issue.

This can happen when syncing lots of calendars, or a few calendars each with lots of information and notes, or many Address Book contacts, or lots of contact images to some phones.


As a workaround, sync fewer contacts or calendars at one time. For example, sync just one iCal calendar.

Note: In Address Book, you can make a new group and move some of your contacts into it. Then, sync only that group of contacts.

Additional information

For the Sony Ericsson P800 phone only, the limit for data syncing is 2 MB for calendars and 500 KB for contacts. Contacts with images take up more space.

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Published Date: Oct 11, 2016