Mac OS X 10.2: Check Print Queue If Documents Do Not Print

When a printer's print queue is stopped, print jobs do not print. Use Print Center to start the queue.
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  • When you print a document, everything seems to work, but the document never comes out of the printer.
  • The printer appears in the Printer list in Print Center with a status of "stopped".
  • One of these messages appears:

    "Printer's queue is stopped. Really print?" (Clicking OK does not start the print queue.)

    "Printing of jobs for this printer is stopped. Do you want to continue and restart the printing of jobs?"


Note: For best results when printing, upgrade to Mac OS X 10.2.3 or later.

Starting the print queue may allow documents to print.

Mac OS X 10.2.3 or later
    1. If you see the message above, click Continue.
    2. If your document does not print, follow the steps for Mac OS X 10.2.2 below.

Mac OS X 10.2 through 10.2.2
    1. Open Print Center (/Applications/Utilities).
    2. Choose Printers > Show Printer List.
    3. Select your printer.
    4. Choose Printers > Start Jobs.

    Documents should now print. If not, go to step 5.

    5. If the queue stops immediately after being started, check the printer and its connection to the computer. One of the following issues may keep the printer from being able to accept or complete a print job:
    • Paper feed issues
    • Ink tanks that are empty, improperly installed, or misaligned.
    • Loose connections or damaged cables.

      Consult your printer's documentation for information on isolating and correcting paper feed or ink issues.
    6. Look for a status message in the Jobs window. See technical document 106714, "Mac OS X: Troubleshooting Printing Issues" to resolve other issues.
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Published Date: Oct 10, 2016