AppleShare IP: Setting Up Program Linking

This article explains how to set up program linking on AppleShare IP File servers.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Program linking allows applications to send Apple Events to other applications, either locally (on the same computer), or to applications across a network. For example, using Program Linking, you could use Hypercard to send a "mouseup" event to another Hypercard stack on a user's computer across the network.

To enable program linking on a file server, there are three steps which help provide security for its use:

    1. Enable Program Linking for the Server.
    Program linking must be enabled for the whole computer. This is done in the File Sharing control panel by clicking "Start". (The button name subsequently changes to "Stop".)

    2. Enable Program Linking for the User(s).
    Program linking must be enabled for each user that needs to use it. This allows you to give access only to users you know have a need for it. This is done by opening the user in the Users & Groups list on the server, and checking the box that allows program linking.

    3. Enable Program Linking for the Application(s).
    Each application that will be linked to--such as Hypercard--must be enabled for program linking. This is done by selecting the application in the Finder, and selecting "SharingŠ" from the File menu.

Note: the Finder application itself does not need to be enabled in this way.

Published Date: Feb 20, 2012