Energy Star: Registered Apple Products

This article lists the Apple products introduced prior to 1997-11 that are Energy Star compliant and are registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency. For additional information on Energy Star see article 12346: "Energy Star: Description". For Apple products introduced 1997-11 or later, see technical document 86193, "Energy Star: Registered Apple Products, Part 2".

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Many of these products require the installation of separate software in order to take advantage of the energy saving features. Check with the product user's guide for use, installation, and setup of the energy saving features.


Macintosh LC III
LC 475
LC 575

Performa 410
Performa 460
Performa 466
Performa 467
Performa 475
Performa 476
Performa 550
Performa 575
Performa 630, 630CD
Performa 635CD
Performa 636CD
Performa 637CD
Performa 638CD
Performa 5200CD Series
Performa 5300CD Series
Performa 6200CD Series
Performa 6300CD Series

Quadra 605
Quadra 650
Quadra 840AV
Quadra 950

Power Macintosh
Power Macintosh 5200/75 LC
Power Macintosh 5300/100 LC
Power Macintosh 5260/100
Power Macintosh 5400/120
Power Macintosh 7100 series
Power Macintosh 7200 series
Power Macintosh 8100 series

PowerBook 150
PowerBook 520
PowerBook 520c
PowerBook 540
PowerBook 540c
PowerBook Duo 230
PowerBook Duo 280
PowerBook Duo 280c


AudioVision 14-inch. Display
Macintosh Color Display
Multiple Scan 15 Display
Multiple Scan 17 Display
Multiple Scan 20 Display
Multiple Scan 14 Display
AppleVision 1705
AppleVision 1710
AppleVision 1710AV
AppleVision 750
AppleVision 750 AV
AppleVision 850
AppleVision 850 AV


StyleWriter II
Color StyleWriter 2400
Color StyleWriter Pro
Color StyleWriter 1500
Color StyleWriter 2500
LaserWriter Pro 600 and 630
LaserWriter Select 360
Personal LaserWriter 320
LaserWriter 16/600
LaserWriter 4/600
Color LaserWriter 12/600
LaserWriter 12/640
LaserWriter 8500
Published Date: Feb 20, 2012