Mac OS X 10.2: How to Save Attachments in Mail

This document describes how to open and save attachments from within a Mail message.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
To save an attachment from an email message, select the message and choose Save Attachments from the File menu. You may also use the methods below.

If the attachment is a file or folder:
    1. Drag the icon of the file or folder from the Mail message to your desktop, or another Finder window.
    2. Click the enclosure name in the Mail message to reveal the location of the enclosure in the Finder, then use the Finder to drag the file to a different location.
    3. If the icon cannot be dragged from the Mail message, Control-click the icon in the Mail message. A contextual menu appears with options that include saving the enclosure to a different location.

If the enclosure is an image:
    1. Double-click the image to open it in the default application, such as Preview.
    2. Control-click the image to open the contextual menu, which includes options such as Open Attachment, Save Attachment or Save to Downloads Directory (in most cases the Desktop).

Note: If you are unable to open or select the enclosure, the enclosure may have been embedded in the Mail message as an inline graphic. If this is the case, you can forward the mail to yourself so that Mail can re-attach the image.
Last Modified: Feb 17, 2012

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