Mac OS X 10.2: Included Ink Jet printer drivers

Mac OS X 10.2 includes preinstalled drivers for many popular third-party ink jet (raster) printers.
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Mac OS X 10.2 includes drivers from Canon, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, and Lexmark for certain models of their respective printers. The drivers, listed below, are included in the optional Mac OS X software package "Additional Printer Drivers", which is installed by default. If your printer is not listed, check with your printer's manufacturer to see if drivers are available for Mac OS X 10.2.

If you own one of the printers listed below, simply connect it to your Macintosh. Mac OS X automatically sets up Print Center to use the printer. For information on PostScript and Apple LaserWriter printers, see "Mac OS X 10.2: Included PPDs and Use of PostScript Printers".


In addition to the drivers, printer manufacturers may include a printer utility that you use to adjust various printer features. See "Mac OS X: How to Access Third-Party Ink Jet Printer Utilities".

iPhoto is compatible with a number of printers. All of the HP and Lexmark, the Canon v1.4.1, and Epson v1.29 printer drivers listed below have iPhoto presets.

Some printing features are not included in the versions of the drivers included with Mac OS X 10.2, such as banner printing, booklet printing, and watermarks. Contact the printer manufacturer or visit its Web site to learn more about how to use these features if they are available.

Printer manufacturers may release versions of printer drivers later than the ones listed below. To see if you have the latest drivers for your printer, compare the version number below with that on the printer manufacturer's Web site.

Printer drivers included
  1. Lexmark
  2. Canon
  3. Epson
  4. Hewlett-Packard


Z22 and Z32 (version 2.0.4)
Z23, Z25, Z33, and Z35 (version 1.3.5)
Z53 (version 2.0.7)
Z45, Z55, and Z65 (version 1.3.4)


BJ535PD (version 1.4.)
BJ895PD (version 1.4.1)
BJC2100 (version 1.1.0)
BJC2100SP (version 1.4.1)
BJC8200 (version 1.4.1)
BJC85 (version 1.1.0)
BJF210 (version 1.1.0)
BJF360 (version 1.1.0)
BJF6600 (version 1.4.1)
BJF660 (version 1.1.0)
BJF850 (version 1.4.1)
BJF860 (version 1.4.1)
BJF870PD (version 1.4.1)
BJF870 (version 1.4.1)
BJF890PD (version 1.4.1)
BJF890 (version 1.4.1)
BJF9000 (version 1.4.1)
BJF900 (version 1.4.1)
BJF930 (version 1.4.1)
BJM70 (version 1.1.0)
BJS200 (version 1.3.0)
BJS300 (version 1.2.0)
BJS330 (version 1.4.1)
BJS500 (version 1.4.1)
BJS530 (version 1.4.1)
BJS600 (version 1.1.0)
BJS6300 (version 1.1.0)
BJS630 (version 1.1.0)
BJS700 (version 1.4.1)
S100 (version 1.2.0)
S100SP (version 1.2.0)
S200 (version 1.3.0)
S200SP (version 1.3.0)
S300 (version 1.2.0)
S330 (version 1.4.1)
S400 (version 1.1.0)
S400SP (version 1.2.0)
S4500 (version 1.4.1)
S450 (version 1.1.0)
S500 (version 1.2.0)
S520 (version 1.4.1)
S530D (version 1.4.1)
S600 (version 1.1.0)
S6300 (version 1.1.0)
S630 (version 1.1.0)
S750 (version 1.4.1)
S800 (version 1.4.1)
S820D (version 1.4.1)
S820 (version 1.4.1)
S830D (version 1.4.1)
S9000 (version 1.4.1)
S900 (version 1.4.1)


C40, C60, C70, and C80 Series (version 1.29)
CL750 (version 1.29)
MC2000 (version 1.29)
PM 2200C (version 1.29)
PM 3500C (version 1.29)
PM 720C (version 1.12)
PM 730C (version 1.29)
PM 780C (version 1.12)
PM 780CS (version 1.12)
PM 790PT (version 1.12)
PM 830C (version 1.29)
PM 880C (version 1.12)
PM 890C (version 1.29)
PM 900C (version 1.12)
PM 920C (version 1.12)
PM 950C (version 1.29)
Stylus Color 680 (version 1.32)
Stylus Color 740 (version 1.29)
Stylus Color 760 (version 1.32)
Stylus Color 777 (version 1.29)
Stylus Color 860 (version 1.32)
Stylus Color 880 (version 1.32)
Stylus Color 900 (version 1.12)
Stylus Color 980 (version 1.29)
Stylus Photo 1270 (version 1.12)
Stylus Photo 1280 (version 1.29)
Stylus Photo 1290 (version 1.29)
Stylus Photo 2000P (version 1.29)
Stylus Photo 780 (version 1.12)
Stylus Photo 785EPX (version 1.29)
Stylus Photo 810 Series (version 1.29)
Stylus Photo 820 Series (version 1.29)
Stylus Photo 870 (version 1.12)
Stylus Photo 875DC (version 1.12)
Stylus Photo 890 (version 1.29)
Stylus Photo 895 (version 1.29)


Version 1.4.1 drivers are included for the following HP ink jet printers.

Important: HP has released version 2.0 drivers that you may get from their website. HP Photosmart v1.3.x and earlier drivers are not compatible with Mac OS X 10.2. Do not install these earlier versions on Mac OS 10.2. See the Hewlett-Packard website for more information or for new drivers.

Color Inkjet cp1160
DeskJet 1125C
DeskJet 1220C
DeskJet 3420
DeskJet 350
DeskJet 3820
DeskJet 5550
DeskJet 5551
DeskJet 640C
DeskJet 810C
DeskJet 815C
DeskJet 816C
DeskJet 825C
DeskJet 830C
DeskJet 840C
DeskJet 845C
DeskJet 880C
DeskJet 895C
DeskJet 920C
DeskJet 930C
DeskJet 935
DeskJet 940C
DeskJet 948C
DeskJet 950C
DeskJet 955C
DeskJet 957C
DeskJet 960C
DeskJet 970C
DeskJet 980C
DeskJet 990C
DeskJet 995C
Photosmart 7150

Important: Information about products not manufactured by Apple is provided for information purposes only, and does not constitute Apple's recommendation or endorsement. Please contact the vendor for additional information.
Published Date: Oct 10, 2016