Mac OS X 10.1: Many Third-Party Ink Jet Printer Drivers Are Included

Mac OS X 10.1 includes preinstalled drivers for many popular third-party ink jet (raster) printers.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
The installation of Mac OS X 10.1 includes drivers written by Canon, Epson, and Hewlett-Packard for certain models of their respective printers. If you own one of the printers listed below, simply connect it to your Macintosh -- and Mac OS X automatically sets up Print Center to use the printer. For information on PostScript and Apple LaserWriter printers, see technical document 106516: "Mac OS X 10.1: Includes PPDs for Many PostScript Printers"

This list reflects the Mac OS X 10.1 release. Updates available via the Software Update feature of the System Preferences application include drivers for more printers.

Printer drivers included:

  • BJF210
  • BJF360
  • BJF660
  • BJF850
  • BJF870
  • BJC85
  • BJC2100
  • BJC8200
  • BJM70
  • BJS6300
  • BJS600
  • BJS630
  • S400
  • S450
  • S600
  • S630
  • S800
  • S6300

  • Stylus COLOR 680
  • Stylus COLOR 740
  • Stylus COLOR 760
  • Stylus COLOR 777
  • Stylus COLOR 860
  • Stylus COLOR 880
  • PM-720C
  • PM-780C
  • PM-780CS
  • PM-880C
  • PM-900C
  • PM-920C
  • PM-3500C

  • Deskjet 810C
  • Deskjet 812C
  • Deskjet 815C
  • Deskjet 816C (German SKU)
  • Deskjet 830C
  • Deskjet 832C
  • Deskjet 840C
  • Deskjet 842C
  • Deskjet 880C
  • Deskjet 882C
  • Deskjet 895Cse
  • Deskjet 895Cxi
  • Deskjet 930C
  • Deskjet 932C
  • Deskjet 935C
  • Deskjet 950C
  • Deskjet 952C
  • Deskjet 955C (Japan SKU)
  • Deskjet 957C (Japan SKU)
  • Deskjet 960Cxi
  • Deskjet 960Cse
  • Deskjet 970Cse
  • Deskjet 970Cxi
  • Deskjet 980Cse
  • Deskjet 980Cxi
  • Deskjet 990Cse
  • Deskjet 990Cxi
  • Deskjet 990Cm series

This list covers just the drivers that are included with Mac OS X 10.1. Note that these three vendors and others, such as Lexmark, have released raster drivers for Mac OS X. If your printer is not listed here, check with your printer's manufacturer to determine availability of drivers for use with Mac OS X.

    1. Some printing features are not included in Mac OS X 10.1, such as custom paper sizes, banner printing, booklet printing, and watermarks.
    2. Some of the listed printers may include built-in or add-on network adapters. The drivers included with Mac OS X 10.1 only work with these printers when they are directly connected to the computer's USB port. These drivers do not have a network connection feature for any of these printers.
Published Date: Feb 17, 2012