Mac OS X 10.1: Question Mark Appears in Dock

A question mark may appear in the Dock where an application formerly appeared. This affects Microsoft Internet Explorer when upgrading to Mac OS X 10.1.
This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

The Dock may have one or more question mark (?) icons.


This occurs whenever an item in your Dock cannot be found. An item may not be found when:
  • An installer replaces an application with a different version in a new location.
  • You remove the item from your computer.
  • The item in the Dock was stored on a disk that is no longer present or available (mounted). This includes items dragged to the Dock from a previously-mounted disk image.
  • If the Applications folder is renamed or moved when started up from Mac OS 9. You should not rename or relocate Mac OS X-installed folders.

For example, the Mac OS X Installer replaces Internet Explorer with a new and improved version. If you had Internet Explorer in the Dock, you would follow these steps to delete the question mark and replace it with an icon of Internet Explorer:
    1. Drag the question mark from the Dock to the desktop. It disappears.
    2. Click the Finder icon in the Dock.
    3. Choose Applications from the Go menu.
    4. Drag the Internet Explorer icon to the Dock.
Published Date: Feb 17, 2012