Mac OS X 10.0: Connecting to AppleShare or File Sharing Requires TCP/IP

Mac OS X versions 10.0 to 10.0.4 connect to AppleShare (AFP, file sharing) only over the TCP/IP protocol, not over AppleTalk.
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    1. Some computers that appear in the Chooser do not appear in the Connect to Server dialog.

    2. The following message appears in an alert box when you attempt to use the Chooser in the Classic environment:
    "The AppleShare server you are trying to connect to appears not to support the IP protocol required by Mac OS X. Check with the server's administrator if a 'Server IP Address' is available."


Update to Mac OS X 10.1, which can connect to AppleShare over the AppleTalk protocol. The following section is useful if you do not yet have the Mac OS X 10.1 Update. It may also provide you with useful background information.

Connecting in Mac OS X 10.0 to 10.0.4

Mac OS X versions 10.0 to 10.0.4 only connect to AppleShare volumes over the TCP/IP protocol. Mac OS 8.6 and earlier, as well as some third-party server products, only offer AppleShare over the AppleTalk protocol. Since Mac OS X cannot connect to them, you can reverse the sharing relationship as a workaround: Set up File Sharing on the Mac OS X computer and then connect from the Chooser of the AppleTalk-only computer. Using this method, you can still copy files between the computers. Alternatively, you can update the earlier operating system to Mac OS 9 or later to achieve true bidirectional sharing.

Mac OS 9 and certain versions of AppleShare IP do not share over TCP/IP by default, so you must select this option. The following sections can help you do this or perform the workaround.

Making Mac OS 9 available via TCP/IP
    1. Open the File Sharing control panel.
    2. Click the checkbox to enable the "Enable File Sharing clients to connect over TCP/IP" option. (Your computer must already be set up on a TCP/IP network.)
    3. Close the File Sharing control panel.

Mac OS X connects to Mac OS 9 computers that have this option enabled. Choose the Connect to Server command from the Go menu.

Making AppleShare IP servers available via TCP/IP

Using your server admin application, be sure that services are enabled over TCP/IP in addition to AppleTalk. This option is located in the AppleShare section of the admin application.

Connecting to Mac OS X from an earlier Mac OS

Computers using Mac OS 9 and earlier may connect to your Mac OS X computer from the Chooser, either by browsing AppleTalk names or by using an IP address.

Note: AppleTalk must be enabled on the Mac OS X computer for its name to appear in the Chooser.

Setting up File Sharing in Mac OS X

For information on setting up File Sharing in Mac OS X, see technical document 106461: "Mac OS X: File Sharing"

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