Mac OS 9.1: Downloadable update versus Mac OS 9.1 disc

The downloadable Mac OS 9.1 Update contains fewer updates and extras than the Mac OS 9.1 CD-ROM disc, to reduce the amount of data that must be downloaded at once.

You may wish to read the Mac OS 9.1: Software and Before You Install document before downloading.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Mac OS 9.1 Update

The downloadable update contains core system software updates, Apple Remote Access (ARA) Client Server 4.0, and QuickTime 4.1.3. The Mac OS 9.1 download may only be used to update a computer that has Mac OS 9.0.x installed. It is available at Apple Software Updates (

Note: If you use Apple language kits, the disc is required to update to Mac OS 9.1.

Mac OS 9.1 Disc

The Mac OS 9.1 disc includes additional updates to Mac OS that are not a part of the downloadable Mac OS 9.1 Update. Some of these additional items are available separately at Apple Software Updates or from third-party Web sites (non-Apple software). The disc may be used for full installation or clean installation.

Items included on the Mac OS 9.1 Disc

AirPort 1.2
Aladdin Software 5.5
Apple DVD Software 2.3
Apple Internet Access 1.5.1
ARA Client Server 4.0
ColorSync 3.0.3
English Speech Recognition 2.0.4
English Text-to-Speech 2.0
Language Kits updates
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0
Microsoft Outlook Express 5.0.2
Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) 2.2.3
Netscape Communicator 4.75
Network Assistant Client 4.0.2
Personal Web Sharing 1.5.5
QuickTime 4.1.3
System software

Items in the CD Extras folder

Additional Desktop Patterns
Additional Desktop Pictures
Additional Modem Scripts
Apple LDAP Changes
Apple Printer Utility
AppleScript CD Extras
ColorSync CD Extras
CSW 4000 Install (Color StyleWriter)
Eric's Solitaire Sampler
File Sharing Extras
FirmWare Updates
HyperCard Player
HyperCard Update
Language Kits CD Extras
Mex. Spanish Text-to-Speech
Network Extras
Palm Desktop
Pointer Mode
QuickTime Samples
Universal Access
WhatRoute Folder

Items in the Adobe Software folder

Adobe Acrobat Reader (4.05)
Adobe Type Manager / ATM (4.6)

Note: Wireless Internet access requires an Internet service provider (fees may apply) and AirPort (or AirPort-compatible) wireless Ethernet card and base station. Some ISPs are not compatible with AirPort. For more information, see technical document 106590: "AirPort: Requirements for Wireless Internet Access".

Published Date: Feb 20, 2012