Color 1.5 - Technical Specifications

Minimum System Requirements

  • Mac computer with an Intel processor
  • 1GB of RAM (2GB of RAM recommended when working with compressed HD and uncompressed SD sources; 4GB of RAM recommended when working with uncompressed HD sources)
  • ATI or NVIDIA graphics processor. Integrated Intel graphics processors are not supported except the Intel HD Graphics 3000.
  • 128MB of VRAM
  • Display with 1280-by-800 resolution or higher
  • Mac OS X v10.5.6 or later
  • QuickTime 7.6 or later
  • DVD drive for installation
  • Display with 1680-by-1050 resolution or higher; dual displays are highly recommended
  • For rendering of 4K files and DPX: a graphics card with at least 512MB of VRAM
  • For 32-bit rendering: a graphics card with at least 256MB of VRAM
  • Three-button mouse for full functionality

Color Grading

  • Real-time grading controls for SD, HD, 2K, and 4K without proxies
  • Preview full-screen playback of SD, HD, and 2K on an attached Apple Cinema or LED Cinema Display or Apple-certified third-party video card
  • Workflow-oriented interface divides controls into eight separate rooms
  • Primary, Secondary, and Primary Out grading functions
  • Color wheels with hue, saturation, and luminance controls for highlights, midtones, and shadows
  • Curves for individual adjustment to R,G,B and Luminance channels with B-spline control points
  • Advanced RGB and Printer Points controls for precise film printing
  • Switch between four live grades or disable grade per shot
  • Copy grades to all selected shots
  • Autobalance correction available in Primary room
  • ASC-style Lift, Gamma, Gain controls
  • Eight secondaries per shot with custom mattes, key blur, and motion tracking
  • Animated circle, rectangle, and user shape Vignettes with inner and outer softness
  • Keyframing with interpolation for most controls
  • Color FX with node trees for compositing control
  • Still Store for saving and comparing reference images
  • Pan and Scan with preset aspect ratios
  • Real-time waveform monitor in mV and IRE, vectorscopes and histograms
  • 3D Color Space scopes for RGB, HSL, Y’CbCr, and IPT display
  • Broadcast-safe limiting
  • Support for 3D LUTs for display calibration and output simulation
  • Multiple video tracks
  • Support for third-party control surfaces with trackballs and knobs
  • EDL support for linking to DPX and Cineon files
  • Render directly to DPX or Cineon file formats for film out
  • Use EDLs for notching QuickTime movies or sequences without XML metadata
  • Render Log displays stop, start time, speed, and amount of rendering
  • Relinking to RED and DPX databases with Cinema Tools and EDLs

Integration with Final Cut Pro 7

  • Round-trip feature film-length projects between Color and Final Cut Pro 7 with Send to Color and Send to Final Cut Pro
  • Round-trip support for freeze frames, still graphics, multicam, and variable speed change effect from Final Cut Pro
  • Color projects configured automatically to match Final Cut Pro sequence settings
  •  2K and 4K Digital Intermediate workflow from Final Cut Pro sequences
  • Play back all standard frame rates and frame sizes in Color
  • Display dissolves and fades in the Timeline and renders for 2K/4K DPX and Cineon output
  • Round-trip Pan and Scan metadata sent from Final Cut Pro as Motion effect


  • Over 40 Color FX and over 20 premade looks
  • Over 90 additional downloadable Color FX looks
  • Renders at 8-bit, 10-bit, and 32-bit floating point (dependent on GPU)
  • Customizable node tree for effects creation
  • Copy and paste nodes in Color FX room
  • Save and reuse favorite effects

Supported Formats

  • Apple ProRes family of 10-bit, full-width VBR codecs
  • 4:4:4 2K and 4K as DPX or Cineon files
  • Apple Uncompressed 8-bit 4:2:2
  • Apple Uncompressed 10-bit 4:2:2
  • TIFF, JPEG, and JPEG 2000 image sequences
  • All still graphics formats supported by QuickTime 7
  • Optional viewing or grading proxy creation for DPX and Cineon files
  • Third-party codecs from AJA and Blackmagic Design
  • RED, AVC-Intra, IMX, HDV, XDCAM HD, and XDCAM HD 422 can be graded, but must be rendered using Apple ProRes or Uncompressed codecs

Trimming for 2K Output

  • Trimming controls when rendering directly to DPX or Cineon files
  • Ripple
  • Roll
  • Slip
  • Splice
  • Merge edits


Published Date: Jul 26, 2017